HCSO Deputy Ybarra A Convicted Child Molester Still Working.

Deputy Sheriff Ybarra of Harris County a convicted child molester is still working and a officer of the law.

Camera Man Arrested during 1st Amendment Audit by corrupt Dept. Sheriff.

How can HCSO have a Deputy sheriff convicted for indecency with a child and

Corrupt Cop

Corrupt Cop

aggravated sexual assault be on any police force in the United States. It is beyond me unless HCSO is so corrupt they don’t care. Even more Mr. Rodney Ybarra has shown a propensity to ignore the law and disregard the constitution. He willfully and gleefully illegally arrests people (on and off duty) for committing legal acts. He is aggressive and immoral as his conviction shows.

But yet the Harris County Sheriffs Dept. still employees him as well as the Shell refinery. It seems that Shell hires these off duty officers so they can have special favors like getting people arrested that don’t conform to Shells wants. The video you will see shortly is not a isolated incident. I will leave a link to two videos proving that. Also the Houston Chronicle has addressed this kind of behavior from HCSO as referenced in video. You can look that up.

Deputy Ybarra was promoted to Det. in domestic violence. It seems that sheriff Hickman like to promote corrupt cops. How can you promote a cop convicted of indecency with a child and aggravated sexual assault to the domestic violence dept. This is beyond me!

Corrupt Bully Cop Deer Park,Tx Shell 1st Amendment Audit Arrest

Here is one of my favorite comment from a P and P News channel subscriber on YouTube.

“This is a very clear case of an officer wear his badge and gun went straight to his head and he thinks he’s untouchable, his attitude, his demeanor are all wrong for this job and for giving this man a promotion is just asking the city to pay people with the city people’s tax money for all that bullshit this guy’s going to put people through he is not God he cannot command you to do things. his gun and badge went straight to his fucking head fire his ass before it’s too late and he kill somebody because it’s going to happen if it hasn’t already happened.”

original arrest video of David from News Now Houston channel

another HCSO illegal arrest of Phillip from The Battousai channel.

Editors Note: I would like to remind everyone that during Davids 1st Amendment Audit of the Shell refinery he was always on public property and that photography is not a crime.


2 thoughts on “HCSO Deputy Ybarra A Convicted Child Molester Still Working.

  1. Your information about HCSO Ybarra conviction is incorrect.
    Please confirm by looking the name up here.

    The offender convicted of those crimes is still incarcerated.

    IMO, he should be fired and arrested for his conduct.

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