Gun Control – Virtual State Of The Union 2013

Great rebuttal on gun control!

My favorite type of Guns

This is one of the best rebuttals on the Liberal gun control issue I’ve heard in a long time. We all know its not to save the life’s of innocent people. Its all about control of innocent people by the tyrants who think they should be in control  because we are to stupid.

Below is the description from the video Guns-Virtual State Of The Union

“In this segment of his Virtual State of the Union, the Virtual President talks about why politicians want to talk about gun control rather than crime control, and delivers the factual evidence and historical truths that make the case for the Second Amendment self-evident.”

Please share it with a friend. Either send them here or to YouTube but share it. It that good. IMO I would like to here what you think a well so by all means comment on this post.

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