Global Cooling Consensus! Ice Age Ahead!

The statement (global cooling consensuses! Ice age ahead!) is as much rooted in science as global warming consensus is! Their is no consensus in science only fact.

No man made global warming!!

Back in the 1970’s it was a Ice Age coming and it was mans fault. Aerosol, cars and factories were to blame. Science did not support the theory. Later Al Gore came a long and with help turned that into global warming with carbon tax’s that made him a very rich man.

Later we find he and his group lied about the facts and twisted things to support his claims. Just think of it its okay if you pollute as long as you pay Al for the privilege. If man-made global warming was true then no amount  of money would make it ok.

In the news is a story from Scientists at Russia’s famous Pulkovo Observatory are convinced that the world is in for a period of global cooling. Russia’s Pulkovo Observatory: “we could be in for a cooling period that lasts 200-250 years”  

New NASA Data Blow Gaping Hole In Global Warming Alarmism. Is just one of the article I found presently that show’s sign of a global cooling trend which if I recall data show’s no global warming since the late 1990’s. Man made global warming or man made global cooling is a con Al Gore has perpetrated on the world and should be held accountable.

No man made global ice age

If we use Al’s logic then drill baby drill should be the battle cry for the up coming global ice-age! We need more big cars (man do I miss the Muscle Car age) more coal plants but I draw the line on all the hot air coming out of Washington DC! Just think of it we could save the world if we use Al’s logic or we can use common sense and realize the earth goes through periods of cooling and warming, it just natural.

Lets don’t go overboard in either direction.  Their is no consensus in science only fact.

If you are a tree huger why not go research yourself. If your not do the research yourself as well don’t just take my word for it!

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