Girls Of Doomsday Castle: Pictures Profiles Videos

Here are the girls of Doomsday Castle

So many of you on Twitter are watching Doomsday Castle for the good looking girls, I thought I’d fill you in on them with some picture, profiles and videos of the girls from Doomsday Castle. Personally I think they are OK but not as hot as so many of you guy’s are talking about. We are all entitled to our opinions and I would like to know which of them you think are the best looking. ย Just let me know in the comments area.

Doomsday Castle Profile: Dawn-Marie



Doomsday Castle Profile: Lindsey



Doomsday Castle Profile: Ashley




While on Twitter last night several guy’s stated they would get married to anyone of them. Really guys you would marry some girl just because she has a rich dad and looks good? Just one question, have you seen how they act on the show? Maybe one more question. If Doomsday did come would you want to live with this family?

Remember I’m wondering which of the gal’s you think is the best looking.

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36 thoughts on “Girls Of Doomsday Castle: Pictures Profiles Videos

  1. Dawn marie is the cutest but ashley’s tits are made in heaven. I vote for ashley.

  2. I vote Ashley being the hottest out of all of them.

  3. Ashley is the one I like but I am too Old Great post steve your blog is looking good. Keep up the great work.

  4. Marie-dawn easy Ash great boobs but to bitchy and not really prepper material.

  5. i’m not sure what they look like, but 2 of them (I guess 4 of them) have great racks

  6. These girls are HOT… What I wonder is if Daddy payed for them all to have the latest and greatest implants installed or if they are the real deal… Anyone agree at the MINIMUM a Maxim spread is warranted ….or a trip to the Bunny Ranch to meet Mr. Heff. and his camera men!

  7. I have had over a thousand visitors to this post tonight. I can’t believe its only had 2 comment. Come on guy’s who do you think is the best looking of the three. Ashley, Lindsey or Dawn Marie?

  8. Dawn Marie best face. Ashley best body. Winner = Ashley.

  9. Dawn-marie is a bitch… Ashley is, well yeah nice bodied, oh lord those you all know…. But Lindsey would make the best Mother and wife hands down. Lindsey is a lover girl and knows EXACTLY what a man ‘needs’: come on guys, well guys over 35 who know something about women that is, you know I’m right. That woman would keep you warm and very happy ;)… You would not have to ask twice to help repopulate.


  10. In response to the ridiculous #? of whose the best looking gal of the bunch, kudos must be given to Mom for supplying good genetics for the three young women. The eldest, Dawn Marie, would be my choice for many reasons. Besides her stunning looks, (which are a plus in any gene pool) she’s got moxy from growing up in a large family that’s a bit disfunctional, and an armed Services bratt to boot. I find her rugged and brash attitude extremely sexxy! ! And find comfort in the fact she handles herself around men without being a pushovers and stands up for herself. She doesn’t claim to know all, but is game to try anything and gives it her all. If in a relationship, there’s no doubt by the way she carries herself, she’d be a force to recon with and would have your back. I would love to have a partner like that to go through hell with. And her nutty family!

  11. Lindsey is my pick, she is so so hot. She is the most mature and one who u would marry.

  12. Ashely because she is soooo hooottt

  13. Ashley tas bein chula mija ! !!

  14. I think Ashley is the hottest but I would do them all. The only reason I watch the show is to check out their tits. I’m hoping that maybe a tit will fall out and get exposed.

    • Well Mr. Smith with all do respect if thats the only reason you watch the show my I suggest you get a life. Hey I’m just saying.

  15. I would like to get to know dawn marie she is a beautiful young lady and she looks like she is cool as hell.

  16. Why pick one? U can’t go wrong with any of the three

  17. A “doomsday prepper” (Dawn-Marie) with professionally highlighted hair? How low can cable TV go?

    • Its not like this is all they do. I’m sure they have a life to live while they are doing this show. I would have to say just what is TV coming too in general and what does it say for the people of this country.

  18. Dawn Marie seems the sweetest of the bunch, toughest too. Love her look, and she’s got a beautiful face. I’d certainly would be happy having her at my side if the shit ever hit the fan, then again even if it never did, she’d be a keeper. I’d try to weasel my way into that fam! Though the dad would probably want my expertise more than I’d want his daughter lol.

  19. all are very pretty! but gotta love that dawn marie, and yes Ashley too. both has super hot tight bodies and very pretty.

  20. To me its not about the fact that they are attractive women, its about the fact that should we ever face serious problems, these ladies are not going to be hiding behind the couch.

    I suspect that the biggest attraction to these young women is that they are athletic and prepared to handle just about any problem or situation they have to deal with, you might meet four or five women out of 10K that are prepared out of the gate to defend and provide for their families that is the real attraction.

  21. they are all ugly, its all for the tv. who the hell would be flashing all that cleavage and tight jeans while living in the woods with your brothers, sisters and father

  22. dawn marie is the hottest prepper ever! Peace out \m/

  23. Hmm well I just read everyone’s comments to see how hott my sisters and I were lol. I appreciate all the sweet comments and even the not so nice.. We all have flaws.. I’ll be the first to never hide mine. But no my hair is not professionally highlighted but I did go to Walmart and had it colored once and it turned out horrible haha. I stick out the box now =) outward beauty is common, inward is just a plus.i did this show for my one else other than to teach, inform and have fun. I have a normal life.. Two kids actually. They are beautiful and silly and love going to the castle in the summer. We actually just went a few months ago and my youngest who is 3 just shot a gun! I’m pretty normal in an abnormal way guys… But don’t assume me.. Just ask.

    • Thanks for stopping by and commenting. As with most thinks they are not all good or all bad, all right or all wrong. Doomsday Castle did get people talking and thinking which over all is a good thing.

  24. I just think it is great that most of Brent’s kids are helping him help them. Yes the girls have issues, but don’t we all. They are wonderful.

    • Also I wonder why the solar panel was not placed on the roof to make it more difficult for intruders to cot off the power. Razor wire strung around to top of the roof edge as well. Mount heavy duty hi cal. guns on the roof.
      Maybe Dawn Marie you can answer that or address it with your father?

      • The solar panels were built over ten years ago. We had no clue we would ever be on a reality TV show so it being on the ground was very practical. Not to mention the we didn’t have a roof on the castle until over a decade later of the start of its building up. I do agree the solar panels should be on the roof and chances are in due time that’s exactly where they will be but for the time being we have several didn’t lines of defense, traps, and plenty of my Fanily to take down anyone who even thinks of coming within the castles borders. Anything else. I’m always willing to answer fans questions

  25. Dawn Marie
    Love your families show . Have you and Ashley resolved things ? Is Brent 2 on the right track ? How did you guys get so rich ? It’s a beautiful place to build. Fortress . The view is spectacular . I’m half say through the series and watch each day in excitement. Are any of your sisters single ? Very beautiful girls . I have heaps if questions to ask because in hooked on the show . Peace out . Aewon

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