Exxon Mobil Hires Corrupt Off Duty Cop To Do Its Dirty Work.

ExxonMobil Campus Houston and Pct.4 Houston illegally detain and conspire to deprive journalist of 1st Amendment.

Exxon Mobil hires off duty Police do its dirty work.To protect the fat checks these Deputies get from Exxon Mobil they will violate their Oath of Office and the Law as directed by Exxon Mobil Staff. These people have NO JURISDICTION on Public Property yet detain-against my will-me on a public street for questioning by Security Staff. These people-including the Deputies-take this action because they are not held accountable for their actions.

David Warden of News Now Houston was illegally detained and deprived of his rights by off duty cops working side job for ExxonMobil in Houston area. Their action could cost them in court but will be protected by the corrupt Pct 4 command. Earning the hate seems to be the norm for cops like this and with no regard to how it might affect the good cops around the country.

Woodlands,Tx.-ExxonMobil-UNLAWFULLY DETAINED for Policy Violation

I’d like to remind people that company policy is not law and does not apply to non employees or people not on the property.

Comments from You Tube subscribers:

Wow…….I guess i can just hire off duty cops to “guard” my apartment and if someone walks down the road and takes pictures of the world around them, i can have the cops get that person’s private information and give it to me and it is of no never mind you what I want to do with that person’s private information… I have that right since i hired a off duty thug…COOL…Can i hire a cop to ride around with me and if at a red light a car stops next to me have the cop get that persons information for me too? Woohoo! I can do that because I hired a Texas Bufford T Justice? Far out! I am loving the ideal of bullying and harassing people just because they had the audacity to be near me… Well that is what this so apparently looks like what is happening. David next time make sure you get these cops business cards, I would love to just start hiring cops to do whatever I tell them to. Oh the fun that could be……

Time for a group of open carry auditors to descend on this public sidewalk and respond to contact with silent treatment. All weapons chambered and safety off for auditor safety, please. You can bet “officers” will be chambered and safety off for “officer safety”.

Here’s one of the dumbest comments I’ve ever heard.

With terrorism at an all time high, going to a facility like that and videoing it is just plain stupid. There are laws that prohibit filming certain facilities. Take your camera and go take some pictures of butterflies or rainbows before you get arrested and possibly lose your gun rights. Idiots like this guy are why gun owners are viewed in a negative light.

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