East Side SAPD Tyrant Alert Pt 3: Same Night Return To Do It Again

Living in fear is no way to live. Citizens have rights in the U.S. & they are constitutional. Citizens authority supersedes police officers authority when they break the law. And the law is the constitution. That’s where police officers get confused because they believe that they are the only ones in authority, which couldn’t be more inaccurate. Police officers are employed by local councils or authorities that always lead back to the government. And the government is a ruling body that is controlled funded & appointed by there citizens. Therefore citizens are an authority. The problem is police officers who are more interested in controlling citizens at all levels simply because they believe that they alone have the authority to do so. And it’s each police officers ignorance, temperaments attitudes, beliefs, ego’s & individual issues amplifying these problems too which continually conflicts with the laws they’ve sworn to uphold under the constitution. That makes those officers law breakers or in other words criminals. So that’s the bottom line. Officers who are exhibiting or actually directly involved in provocative or criminal behavior need to be exposed, educated or in extreme cases which have been on the increase for years stopped by removing them completely & or incarcerating them.

So I commend you guys because you’re the front line in this war on the criminals that have had free reign under the guise of local law for too long.

Comments from You Tube channel:
How about citizens of the United States for whom these cops work. Because they have a uniform and badge and guns they seem to think they are better than the citizens that hired them. Cops have the 15th most dangerous job in the US so why do they act like there always in danger?

The second you have to educate an officer about the US Constitution is the same exact time they should have to leave the force and get a job where they have to pull themselves up by they’re own bootstraps.. in the end they will be much happier individuals and the public won’t have to suffer and pay for their idiotic logic and decisions.

Your power or authority comes from being a citizen and a tax payer. To petition (any nonviolent, legal means of encouraging or disapproving government action) the government for a redress of grievances for a redress of grievances.

They swear an oath to protect your rights, think about the word protect for a minute, what would be your demeanor if you were protecting a friend from something about to fall on them or your child’s cold hands in the winter from frostbite or put sunblock on them protecting looks different now lets look at conspiring what does it look like when people know you are innocent and they group together to find you at fault a conspiracy to find you guilty a group think against you against you clearly demonstrating and enjoying your rights . the question is . does this look like conspiracy or protection.

can you imagine seeing cops running toward you with an armored vehicle minutes behind and somewhere in the distance you hear a helicopter on its way, then the first cop grabs a bullhorn and shouts .”we are here to protect your free speech from that armed security guard, that is trying to violate your rights, we are here to help, everything is OK, my name and badge number are as follows”.. it sounds silly right because it would never happen, but they are sworn to do so, so if all things were equal and fair without bias why wouldn’t this happen just as much.

Southeastern Pa. Cop Watch

Great job. So proud of you guys standing up to a gang of cowards. The idiot cop is so lost to reason and our rights. He must have an IQ of 70 at best. You guys are way too nice to these criminals in my eyes. What a bunch of butt hurt losers these pigs are. Crying because true patriots stand up and say no, you can’t take my rights away. I would have shined a light right in their eyes and called them pussy cowards the whole time I was there. These pigs are very bad apples that need to be fired so they can go work at McDonalds. FTP.

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