East Side SAPD Tyrant Alert Arrested And Ticketed For Open Carry 1st Amendment Audit

Unbelievable That These SAPD Tyrants Run Amok in San Antonio.

What people are saying about this video:
ย This is the way I starting to think of it because the corrupt pieces of shit pig fucks continue to violate are rights in a lot of states you are allowed to use deadly force to protect yourself and OTHERS with all the case law and president in the Court’s that prove a reasonable persons has reason to fear law enforcement along with a backup camera we need to start having a backup rifleman will to protect his family/friends when the pigs act outside of law like this ONLY WHEN WE THE PEOPLE LEGALLY PUT A FEW RABID LEO’S IN LINE will this even start to get better.
They are gonna get trained the hard way.. BY S. C. A. T. 1st Amendment Auditors

+P and P News disorderly conduct has nothing to do with carrying a firearm. Any 2 bit lawyer will chew that a new asshole in court in about 2 seconds leaving the cop in a position of being hung out to dry.

I understand the response somewhat. that’s not so much an issue if they have the justification. the problem is, after learning the facts they should have let us be……..the problem starts when they start manipulating the laws to make us stop the legal behavior and begin to make illegal arrests just because they don’t like it.
McManus war on Open Carry: Chief William McManus SAPD and his East Side SAPD gang of thugs say no free speech and no 2nd Amendment. On Open Carry in San Antonio will not go unpunished on the east side. If you open carry in Sam Antonio you will be retaliated against. Ticketed for crime not committed and arrested for crime not committed. This is not the first time McManus and his East Side gang of thugs have committed crimes against the 1st and 2nd amendment.
210-335-6111 magistrates office, 210-207-7273 SAPD central dispatch. 210-207-7781 SAPD east substation.
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