Dufus and Butt Hurt Seguin Tx P.D. 1st Amendment Audit and Open Carry

Corrupt Seguin Tx. Cops caught in the act then scatter like roaches in the light !!

Dufus and Butt Hurt are two of Seguin’s Tx. finest! They illegally detain people for not committing a crime which they admit no crime committed. By detaining someone for no legal reason is a crime in its self. They even state that you have to show ID just because they want it, which is a lie. 38.02 Tx. states you don’t have to ID unless you are lawfully under arrest and by the way you can not be lawfully arrested for failure to ID alone.

Don’t make the mistake that they don’t know better because they do know this law. It is one of the most basic laws and one that they deal with daily. Seguin cops do this because they know the Seguin PD will back them up and in doing so show they are corrupt as well. This kind of behavior is not uncommon in PD’s around the country but only when the local DA’s are as corrupt as the PD.

The Blue Line is more to cover for the Blue Gangs that wear badges in many areas of this country and is part of the cause of so many officers being killed. People are getting fed-up with these Blue gangs ignoring the laws and the constitution and instead doing what they want any time they want. This kind of behavior from cops is referred to as Earning The Hate.

Our 1st visit to test the Seguin Tx. police turned up Dufus and Butt Hurt as I refer to them. I wonder how many more we will find on subsequent visits to do 1st amendment audits and Open Carry tests. If we found these two so easily how many more corrupt cops like these two will we find? We already know of a Sgt. ( I will call him Sgt but he might have been a corporal ) that defended the actions of these two officers but will wait to give him time to see video before we pass judgement on his actions.

We will keep testing them on the 1st and 2nd amendments as well as any other of our right that come into play while dealing with the Seguin Tx. police department.

Some comments from our YouTube Channel P and P News.

She doesn’t understand why someone wouldn’t want to give up their rights? First it’s just your your ID, then it’s just a pat down, then it’s just a search, then just a body cavity search, where do we draw the line? How about we draw the line where the law states no crime, no ID bitch. Great job man love your videos and the way you handle these tyrants with your simple q and a, until you trap them with their own laws and logic.

Sue her and her department. The instant she said you were detained she voided her qualified immunity. Follow what’s being done in Northrup v Toledo Police.

It is time for a serious investigation of who made the claim of “he has his finger on the trigger”. This is a serious criminal false police report. Did the officer make it up? Did the dispatcher make it up? Did someone call and falsely accuse which is a serious crime? FOIA the dispatch recordings would be the first step in an investigation into this. Calling in a false police report is not only a crime but causes serious damage and can be settled financially in court.

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