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Doomsday Castle Season 1 Episode 1 Before The Flood. Full Episode

This is the episode the started the hit show off and introduced us to this family of Preppers that intend to complete the Castle that Brent Sr. started years ago but never finished. Brent Sr., Brent II, Michael, Dawn Marie, Ashley, Lindsey. Will they get th job done or fight their way to a flop.

Raised By A Prepper Video

Doomsday Castle Trailer: This trailer was a lead up to the premier of the show.

Behind the Scenes on the Doomsday Castle Promo: Video

Doomsday Castle Profile: Dawn-Marie

Doomsday Castle Profile: Michael

Doomsday Castle Profile: Ashley

Doomsday Castle Profile: Lindsey

Doomsday Castle Water

Doomsday Castle Profile: Brent II

Doomsday Castle follows family as they prep for apocalypse: Fox Friends interview.

I know some of you think the show is ridiculous but then again others of you like the show as I do. Yes it has some stupid stuff going on in the show that make you wonder why the heck are they going this or that. But how many of you have done it all right or not made a fool of yourself from time to time. Might I remind you they are getting paid to do the show.

After all they aren’t promoting themselves as being experts and in fact are doing just the opposite and in the end it all about entertainment. It might even be a good lesson on what not to do if you decided to go the way of the Prepper.

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