Doomsday Castle S1 E5 OK So We Are Stupid!

Episode 5 Doomsday Castle is proof the family is full of Idiots!

BoomA kid ( Michael ) with dynamite is bad enough but a kid with 5 sticks of it is down right stupid and his sister Dawn Marie is old enough to know better as well. Not letting everyone else know what was going on is just asking to get people killed. Five sticks of dynamite wrapped around the stump is over kill to say the least.  Dad should have jumped all over both of them for being that stupid. I could go into the proper use of dynamite but I won’t.

Lets move on. Who in their right mind would pick car hoods for protection for small arms fire? I’m sure Brent Sr. was hard pressed to find something good to say about it. Over all it might have been worth it since Sr. and Jr. started working together in a more co-operative manner.

I’m not going to write about the child birth part except to say it’s a good idea to know how to help out if you could not get to a hospital.

Two of the girls of Doomsday Castle

The Doomsday Garden now I liked that even though I hate gardening. A serious Prepper should know how and be good at it. I also liked the Hidden Garden approach. It kind of reminded me of our early days of survival training in West Texas. The ranch we went to had a old ranch house that had not been lived in for many years and the old garden had grown into a small forest. It was a great source of food we found and served use well for many years. It looked much like the hidden garden on Doomsday Castle episode 5.

Over all episode 5 was just more proof of just how far this Prepper Family has to go just to have a small chance of surviving Doomsday. Will the next episode of Doomsday Castle be more stupid than the last? We will just have to wait and see.

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