Doomsday Castle Preppers Interview.

Here I site trying to find out about the cast of Doomsday Castle

The tractor that almost killed Brent II

The tractor that almost killed Brent II

What did I find? I found out that Brent II was the instigator of the idea of sharing the Castle and the idea of Prepping. Jr. shared his idea with the casting director of Doomsday Prepper which got him in dutch with Brent Sr. Sr. got over it of course or the episode would never been made and the spin off never been dreamed up.

Brent Jr. it seems looked at it as a way to reconnect with his family after year of a strained family relationship. Jr. likes to call the project “Doomsday rehab” although he does not go into detail I get the impression he have made some bad decisions in the past. But how many of use have done the same. I guess we can can it family therapy for a dysfunctional family not to mention if the show is a hit they will all make a wade of cash.

I found this interview at  Live

Brent Sr. and Brent II have every differing views on some topics but lets just let the interview of the Doomsday Castle family fill in the rest. 

LiveScience: When did you first get into doomsday prepping?

Brent Sr.: It was before Y2K. I was worried the computers that control everything, from natural gas to electricity, would go down. When they didn’t, I cooled off for a couple years because I didn’t want people to think I was crazy, but then got back into it.

LiveScience: What motivated you to build a castle?

Brent Sr.: A man with 10 kids has a godly obligation to take care of his children, and I’ve set up a 100-year trust so the castle can’t be sold. Each kid will get the castle for five weeks every year.

LiveScience: What makes you think there will be an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) that could knock out the electrical grid?

Brent Sr.: It’s a real possibility. Nuclear explosions can create EMPs — if one was detonated in the high atmosphere, it could knock out power to one-fourth of the United States by destroying computers that run everything. Solar flares are also a risk for EMPs.

Brent II: I think the idea is completely outrageous. But I’m not here for that — I’m here to connect with my family. I’m very anti-violence.

LiveScience: But why build a castle?

Brent Sr.: Most people have enough food for about 10 days. If there are no trucks to replenish the food supply, though, that’s a major problem. If the government isn’t there to help them out, fighting and looting will eventually start — like you saw during Hurricane Katrina — and could eventually reach the countryside.

The calmest person in the world will turn into a savage if he sees his baby crying and his children go hungry. I built the castle to defend against marauders and to have a place that could function without electricity.

LiveScience: What makes you think that the end is nigh or that disaster is looming? 

Brent II: I don’t. I think it’s a very pessimistic view. But I do think it’s a good idea to have a place to wait out hurricanes.

Brent Sr.: When immorality gets to the point where we are at in our society, if God doesn’t bring wrath, he removes his hand and [lets bad things happen]. But there will be a time, I do believe, when the wrath will come and the end will come, and the Book of Revelation will come true.

I don’t think God talks directly to people, but I do believe that he “whispers” to people, giving them a sense of fear or caution, and gives warnings, like earthquakes and things.

In my circle, we all feel the same thing — that the end of times may be near. But we can’t put our finger on why, exactly, we feel this way.

A lot of weird stuff is happening that doesn’t make a lot of sense. For example, it’s hard to get hunting and military rifles, and many types of ammunition are being bought up in bulk, especially military rounds. MREs [meals, ready to eat — long-lasting food used, for example, in the military] are being bought up. Even materials for making your own bullets, like brass casings, are being bought up. Read more:

Doomsday Castle Behind The Scene

Now if you are one of the people looking for the Location of the Doomsday Castle just click the link.

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