Doomsday Castle Episode 3: Paintball and Family Feuds

Just when will the Doomsday Castle defenders learn to work together?

Doomsday Castle and Family

Doomsday Castle and Family

In episode 3 of Doomsday Castle we still have a family of Perppers that are more worried about themselves than the goal of surviving SHTF. But really I think Brent Sr. set this path when he challenged the family with the fact that he is looking to see who of them will take over for him in the future. Sr. seems to have a lot of money so it looks to me the kids are all out for the $$ and not the completion of the Castle and Brent Sr’s  dream of a safe haven for his family if doomsday ever comes.

Tactical training with paintball guns starts out episode 3 and of coarse they fail miserably. It is to be expected with a family of Primpers not Preppers ( Sr’s words not mine.)  Sr. brought in a expert who maybe I should know but don’t. He did not impress me but with this family he had challenges he might not have been ready for. Scout who Sr. brought in did impress me.

Scout was brought in to help with the water project which I would have done long ago, and would have had a well drilled that was protected by the Doomsday Castle walls. Here again the family show’s its dysfunction in the building of the water supply but in the end they did getter done. I hope they hind and protect it better than shown on the show.

On the bright side I think they did well standing of the night attach from a fairly large force of attackers that were better trained than them. Yes they have a long way to go if they every wish to survive a real attack in a Doomsday situation and lets hope the castle defenses are in better shape. Lets face it loos brick and boards do not make for very secure defenses.

Brent II came up with a family constitution to help over come the families problems working and living together. Could be Sr. should have had this from day one but then again if you fix it all before the show starts how good would Doomsday Castle be if not for a dysfunctional mixed family of rich kids. For that matter would it draw as many men to the show if not for the 3 good looking gals?

Doomsday Castle girls and family.

In episode 2 we had two sisters at each others throats and in episode 3 it’s Michael and Brent II going at it. But we will have to wait until next week to see how and if these two Castle Defenders work it out.

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