Doomsday Castle Episode 2: Raw Eggs and Ham

Doomsday Castle Episode 2

Doomsday Castle Catapult

We already know from Ep. 1 we have a show full of city folk and a dysfunctional Prepper Family. This group has a long way to go before they could ever stand a chance if SHTF.

Brent Sr. shows Dawn Marie how vulnerable the Castle is by crashing his truck though the entry gate. I would not have waste the time it will take to repair that gate or the money. I know they have to do something for the cameras but this kind of thing just adds the the evidence the Doomsday Castle show is staged. Which by the way has taken down reality shows in the past.

Brent Jr. and Michael are in the market Ham

Michael tries to show city boy Brent II how to use a Bow to hunt wild Bore. The things people will do for the camera. How many of you would have chosen to hunt wild Bore with by digging a pit which by the way worked on the show but have have my doubts about it reality. The pit was not deep enough for the Bore to have been held long enough for Brent and Michael to have gotten to it in time. I would have gone for the hunt with the Bow. I’d be willing to bet they could have had the job done much sooner.

Ashley and Lindsey go for Eggs

Ashley and Lindsey are in the market for Yard Bird ( Chickens ) and chase a few around at a neighbors house. Now if you watch the show for the girls you might enjoy 2 young ladies running around. Lindsey and Ashley seem to have a sibling rivalry going and I’m sure we will see more of it in future episodes of Doomsday Castle. I have to say this family of Preppers have a different way of settling differences but it looks like it work for them.

I have to say it. raw eggs aren’t that bad.

How to motivate a Castle Defender 

Brent Sr. found a way to motivate the family to learn how to be self-sufficient on food production and gathering. He went for the old MRE diet trick. While I find that most of the MRE’s I have eaten over the years are not in any way as bad as they act, it would motivate me. Eating MRE’s over just a few day’s get old but the hungrier you are the better they taste.

Defending the Castle

Sr. and Dawn take on the Catapult project to take on possible attackers of the Castle. Is this just another play for the camera? This has got to be the biggest waste of time. It takes the whole family to load it, it takes a long time to load and it exposes them all to the expected attackers. While it might get a lucky hit on a car or truck coming up the road it is in my opinion a bad pick.  Now some of what we see could just be projects to bring the family together and teach them how to work as a team I still think its more staging for the camera than anything else.

More Doomsday Castle

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2 thoughts on “Doomsday Castle Episode 2: Raw Eggs and Ham

  1. Another show idea that could be great gets the reality TV makeover and turns into Jerry Springer with bricks. It’s real simple. Anyone that had a real idea of future long term survival and had access to building a castle might…ya know, actually work on finishing the actual stronghold first at all costs. What good is a home without a sturdy foundation. Whatever, why are shows like Survivor still on?…because people like watching the pets run the obstacle course. Also, by the time I finish this comment, the drawbridge over the unpassable moat will still be reeling up. The bigger they are, the harder they fall.

    • I think Brent Sr. got caught up in Y2K then as is passed so did the Doomsday Castle project. Turn the page a few years and you get Brent II see’s Doomsday Preppers and goes to dad with the idea to get on TV with his family and make some $$ at the same time. Maybe even get e chance to have some of the family brake into showbiz. I bet nothing else was done on the Castle until some produces say’s this could be a show on its own. A dysfunctional family of misfits building a Doomsday Castle, what great idea. This country likes stupid, lets give it to them.

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