Doomsday Castle Answers Why!

Brent II and Sr. share a few thought and answer a few question about the new NGC show Doomsday Castle  Why is Brent Sr. building a Castle? Why would they do this on TV?

Brent II

Brent II

Brent II say’s some TV viewers will see the new National Geographic show “Doomsday Castle” and think anyone building a medieval fort to prepare for Armageddon must be nuts.

“But by the third episode,they will understand what we’re doing. They will see that we’re doing what everyone does, we’re just going to take it to an extreme.”

“Besides, says Brent, extreme is a relative term.”

“Doomsday Castle,” which debuts on NGC Tuesday night at 10 Aug 13, 2013 might be called a sequel to or spin off of National Geographic’s big hit “Doomsday Preppers” which is in it’s third season this year. The show follows a family of Preppers that is in the process of building a Doomsday bunker someplace deep in the Carolina mountains.

The location of the Castle isn’t being revealed ( but I think someone will give it away), Brent II says he wouldn’t advise anyone to get curious and snoop around.

“You don’t want to wander through the woods out in the Carolina mountains,” he says. “Our neighbors are pretty serious Preppers, with lots of guns, and there’s lots of booby traps on our property, so I wouldn’t be wandering around.”

The Brent and family aren’t  sharing last name, which brings the question question to mind why the family consented to do a television show which will be seen by millions if they wanted so much secrecy. Again someone will spill the bean, whether it be one of the family members, a friend of the family or someone on the production crew.

Brent Sr.

Brent Sr.

“That was a tough decision,” according to Brent Sr., the mastermind and  patriarch of this Prepper get away project. “But I finally decided it was worth it if we could send a message.” say’s Brent Sr.

That message is: “You all need to be doing what we’re doing”.

Brent’s family is preparing for a breakdown of civilization as we know it in what is being called a ‘Doomsday Castle.’ Why because the Lord wants it that way.

“We are a Christian family,” Brent Sr. says. “I’ve raised my children as Christians, and this is a story of survival. It is my biblical obligation to God to protect my family and give them those skill sets that they can carry on and pass on to their children.”

Brent Sr. isn’t  predicting a date for the end of civilization, but he does think the most likely cause will be: an electromagnetic pulse that will fry the world’s power grids.



“Our dad literally wakes all of us up in the morning screaming,” Dawn Marie say’s. “He’s turning on lights, saying, ‘Get up! Get up right now! Do you have your gas mask?’ ”

Doesn’t seem like much fun to me. But all six family members say they’re signed on to it.

“Even though we clash a lot now, in the end we’re family,” says Dawn Marie. “And when it happens, someone has to repopulate the planet.”

I found Nat Geo has three episodes planed as mentioned above but I found no evidence of more in the can or in plans. Viewer response to Doomsday Castle will no doubt  be the answer to that.

Now if you are one of the people looking for the Location of the Doomsday Castle just click the link.

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  1. i was hoping the show was returning . Can learn from the program .

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