Devil Deer Attacks Cibolo Tx.

Deer attacks Cibolo Tx. residents and pets, Cibolo City Hall say’s its not their job. 

Wiederstein St. just a couple of blocks away from city hall in Cibolo Tx. has been the location of several deer attacks over the last few week and City Hall say’s they don’t plan on doing anything about it. According to city hall it’s not their job.

I guess its not important when you have more important things to do like take money from special interest and pocket it. Thinking like rezoning parts of Main St. with no notification to its residents. Telling everyone the did get notification but when asked to show proof all records could not be found. I could go into more but the purpose of this article is to see if anyone of the public servants at city hall are honest or if they are all on the take.

Devil Deer


This post may upset those in City Hall but if it saves someone in the area from being hurt or killed by a mad deer its worth it.


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