Corruption And Assault Windcrest PD

Corruption and Violence fill the Windcrest P.D.

When I was a young man I learned to avoid the Windcrest area, this was due to the extremely corrupt Police Dept. Some 25 years later I find this fact to still be true. You would think sometime during those years the people would have done something about it but you would be wrong.

The man who likes to beat handcuffed people.

The man who likes to beat handcuffed people.

Lt. Mark Williams Command Staff
Title: Special Operations Division Commander
Phone: (210) 655-0022 ext. 2360

Just the other day it was brought to my attention that the P.D. in Windcrest was as bad as ever and most of the people I talked to on Thursday agree it has gotten even worse over the year. I spoke to 10 people that live and or work in Windcrest, some for many years but none less than 5 years. Everyone of them had their own story to tell or a friend or families story. None of these stories were complimentary and 2 were down right brutal. I asked if complaints were made, some did not know, some said it went on deaf ears. and a couple said they were just plan scars to do so.


\None of the people I talked to would go on record. They did not want audio or video taken. I hope when the time comes they will take a stand and help bring this corrupt and violent police department down.

Here are the two videos that set my blood boiling.

Windcrest PD Illegal Detainment 

Windcrest PD RETALIATION for Follow Up Complaint

This story was submitted by a good citizen.

Editors Note: The following is the comment I left on YouTube.

We have two corrupt cops in such a short time ( I wonder how many more their are ) one a lieutenant that has probably train officers on how to avoid video. They take them or direct them into areas that can’t see the action, in both videos you see this. This video the officer has you move to the side you can’t see from, so he can use the door on the other side to block the camera from the truck which he has seen.

Look at the angle of the Lt’s truck he has seen the lady with camera. If you think the officer in the truck is a good guy I’d have to say your wrong. He is the one that had you move to the other side so you could not see. The Lt. bets up on handcuff prisoners, one that enables and one from the original that arrests people that film him. So we have 3 corrupt cops in two day’s. What does that say for the whole dept.?

Windcrest PD what you gona do when justice comes for you?

Wait theirs more to the story! I’m still researching it and have to decide on how to handle this one.

It looks like our Lt. screens the complainant first then he decides if he will let you file.

One thought on “Corruption And Assault Windcrest PD

  1. I can say without a doubt that Windcrest as a whole has a long history of corruption. Not just the police, but in it’s officials. The police have committed outright crimes because there’s no accountability. Then when confronted with what they did, they act like it never happened. I’ve witnessed citizens get very upset when complaining about the corruption at City Council meetings. Those concerned citizens where quickly shut down and threatened by WPD. They create the illusion that everything is peachy while behind the scenes it’s an extreme level of corruption. I’m saddened by it, because as a kid I always visualized Windcrest as a safe haven away from the world’s troubles. Hard to explain really and I think the name Windcrest and the lights..etc. create a certain vision of a wonderful place, but then bad cops and crooked city employees ruin that for everyone. A culture of evil seems to have consumed every law enforcement department in America. Not just Windcrest. We all want to have police, but we want good police and not bad police. Period.

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