Citizen Pulls Over Texas State Trooper For Speeding.

Civil Right Activist Phillip Turner known on YouTube as The Battousai. Citizen Pulls Over Texas State Trooper For Speeding.

Phillip is a well known 1st Amendment Auditor and Cop Blocker in Texas. A 1st Bad-Cop-No-DonutAmendment auditor is someone that goes around filming police and other government servants ( I don’t like the term officials ) and when engaged by these servants he tests them on whether they uphold the laws and constitution. I am sorry to say many don’t and in fact brake the law and trample on the constitution.

Phillip was traveling down a Tx. High Way a couple of day’s ago and caught a Tx. State Trooper traveling at a high rate of speed. I think Phil said about 90 mph. As you will see in the video the trooper had no emergency lights on which is not protocol it might even be illegal. The illegal part will probably not matter because seldom is a cop held accountable for any wrong doing.

The officer admitted to the offence and apologized but I have to ask what would have happened to one of us if a cop caught one of us doing the same. I doubt we would of got off with a warning. In fact I would be willing to bet on it. I ask that this man be given a ticket and let him pay the fine or fight it in court. Even better take his ticket writing rights away.

We see this kind of behavior way to often. A officer writing tickets for offences he or she commits on a regular basis. Then have the nerve to show up in court to testify. I invite the High Way Patrol to punish this officer and make it public to set a example and show the people of Tx. that you do care about the law even if it is one of your own protected class.

Story submitted by YouTube channel P and P News

Editors Joke: Lets hope he was not on a Donut Run!!

Editors Note: Phillip hopes this encounter went so smoothly that it might help with the tension between law enforcement and the public.

” Just think about it for a second. A black guy encountering a officer about a violation and the officer is respectful.”

Phillip my take on this story is a little different than your but I hope your thoughts on this are correct and I mean that sincerely.

Keep up the good work and be safe.

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