Bunny Boots Does RAFB 1st Amendment Audit His Way

RAFB Rent A Cops Just Can’t Learn To Stay On Base Property.

First off I would like to remind everyone that military police and rent a cops like you see in the video below do not have authority off base and sound stay on base. If they ever hassle you off base tell them to bug off. They may try to tell you a lot of things like it is against the law to video or take pic’s of the base but it is not illegal. If you are public property and can see it you can film it. Photography Is Not A Crime.

What BB other wise none as Bunny Boots is doing is a 1st Amendment Audit or 1st amendment test but with a twist. He remains silent and does not acknowledge anything they say. Most of us auditor talk back and ask question while answering little. We have a write to video public servants like the police and they don’t like it. It holds them accountable which they are not used to.

The following are comment from you tube channel P and P News
 The more I think about this, the more I don’t think you should be doing this. Yes, these are public officials and they are funded by our tax dollars. However, while City Hall, the DMV, the NSA, the FBI, the school board, and the police all fuck with us, the armed forces don’t mess with us. Yes, you have the right to do this but should you? All of the agencies I mentioned above need to be put in their place and understand that they need to operate within rules. However, the armed forces just do their jobs and leave us alone. Even if you don’t agree with the top brass, the dudes you are likely to encounter in the military are just like you and me and don’t lord their authority over anyone (unlike the agencies I’ve already mentioned). I think the military should be left alone.
P and P News
 We’ve had them come off base and claim law enforcement status over civilians not on base property. Even claim they could confiscate cameras and delete video. They have arrested and handcuffed one of our guy’s for being in a public place with a camera and put him in a hot car and no A/C for about a hour. They claim it is illegal to video anything on the base from outside of the base which it is not. Neither the base command or its staff will return our calls.

No, you started it by auditing them. Like I said, all of those other agencies will mess with you even if you leave them alone. The armed forces won’t mess with you unless you mess with them. Be honest, have you ever had a bad encounter with the armed forces before you started doing this? I’m betting you haven’t. By contrast, all the other agencies make a point of fucking with you. Yes, they have no right to come out and mess with you and yes, you have every right to film them. However, I’m of the belief that there are bigger fish to fry. I’m all for auditing public agencies that mess with you. However, recently I’ve seen YouTube sources like yours messing with private businesses, UPS, and the postal service. Your mission has gone from one of keeping public officials accountable to one of in your face aggression. It’s like the guy who drives around with “Fuck You” written on his car. Yes, you have the right to do that but decency says that you shouldn’t. It’s just my opinion but I think you should record people who mess with the public. It reminds those officials of what their place is and it educates the public on what their rights are. The armed forces don’t typically mess with anyone so they should be left alone.

P and P News
 Like I said they started this. We stayed away from Randolph until they went after a well none Train photographer that was only taking picks of train. Its note the first time security has come off base to fuck with people. Many other bases have done the same thing. Randolph is the worst about this that I am aware of. For the most part its the rent a pigs they hire but not limited to them. It is not a small fish it is a huge fish.
 So you are saying that as long as someone else messes with the military first then it’s okay for you to mess with them? Yes, I know it was Jeff Gray who “filmed” the trains but we know he wasn’t there to film the trains or the static display. I agreed with him at the time. However, as I said, the armed forces don’t mess with people. If I hung outside of your house and followed you to your place of work and filmed you, you’d get ticked off. I’d be perfectly within my rights though wouldn’t I? As long as you are in public, I can film you, and yet, you’d come out and question me wouldn’t you? You wouldn’t like it would you? You are acting like because you have the RIGHT to do something that no one should get upset because you do the thing. The cops mess with people whether or not you film them so yes, film them. But you won’t mess with anyone until they mess with you right? Well the armed forces didn’t have a problem with you until you started messing with them. Again, be honest, if someone started filming you, your house, your car, you’d have a problem with it. So don’t film people who never mess with you.
P and P News
 No this does not have to do with Jeff Gray and in fact I knew nothing about Jeff until long after the photographer here was approached by RAFB security. He’s a professional photographer and specializes in trains. RAFB is not a home it is a military base. The security does mess with people and in fact is breaking the law when they come off base and act as police. Again I’m being honest you just refuse to believe me. The military police need to stay on their base and do their job correctly. If they need something done off base then the can call the local law enforcement. That would solve the problem. Again they came off base and demanded camera and video, claimed law enforcement authority, arrested another man who was on public access legally and had broken no laws.Put him in a car handcuffed in 100 degree weather for and hr with no A/C all illegal act by security. If you don’t see the problem then you don’t want to see the problem and just came here to talk shit.

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