A Preppers View Of Doomsday Castle Episode 1

Before The Flood. Episode One Doomsday Castle. My thoughts!

I lowered myself into my favorite chair to watch the new show Doomsday Castle just as I had planned for 2 weeks now. The family of Preppers gathered together outside the Castle while Dad fills them in on whats to come. I wonder will it be worth the time to sit and watch this new Prepper show. I’m thinking how much of it will be just staged stuff to make a show and how much will be real.

Doomsday Castle Episode 1

One of the first questions I had and others was why would they do this on TV, they have to know the location they have been hiding for the public will have to get out with all the people involved in making a show like this. Not long after the start of episode one of Doomsday Castle it came to me as Brent Sr. had dozens of friends surprise attach the Castle to teach them what they could face and how much they need to prepare.

What came to me is this man is rich and could make many thousands of dollars just for the show. He has no intention in keeping the location a secret. From what I have seen of the Castles location it would not have been my pick and it could be Sr. has seen the light of his mistakes. We might see this Doomsday Castle for sale in the future. Sr. has owned this land for many years and could see a health profit from it and the show.

I was not impressed with the Draw Bridge at all. It barely stopped a 223 round but Sr. acted as if it was a job well done. It could be may expectation are too high but I don’t think so.  But it did stand up to the tractor attach as did the tractor. Straight up that is.

Do I have something nice to say about the first episode of Doomsday Castle? Yes I do! I enjoyed it!

I would like to hear what other people thought of it. So please let me no and comment on it below.

Doomsday Castle Episode 1 Full Episode

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2 thoughts on “A Preppers View Of Doomsday Castle Episode 1

  1. Having watched the first episode I’ve yet to make up my mind if I like it or not. I saw several things I would have done differently. The brick work for the castle seems sound, but I really doubt it would stop a .50 cal rifle round and why so many large windows on the ground floor? Makes me wonder if it wasn’t designed to be more of a house. Previews show them using re-bar to block the openings. Then the drawbridge. When testing the metal they used a 308, but then used a .223 to test the drawbridge. It almost failed. They also used white wood. This likely to fail within a couple of years. They should have banded the wood together to prevent bowing. Two brackets on the bottom should have been increased to at least four. The lifting method, although needing little strength to operate, is way too slow. Unless planning for atv’s or horses, a heavy gauge steel door would have been better. The area marked off for the moat looks too narrow. Unless spiking the bottom (recommend bamboo as this is a very quick growing crop) or using oil and fire this moat will be easy to cross. The roll down shutter for the bunker windows is too thin and easy to breach. An escape tunnel would seem to be in order.

    • I have my doubts as to the original plans for the house as well. I guess it is possible he planned the Castle to be very livable in uses before and after a Doomsday event and we just don’t see the part of the house that is designed to withstand attaches better than what we see up to now. The uses of lets say less capable materials lends evidence as I see it that the Doomsday Castle will in the future not be used as originally stated. I see it being place on the market sometime after the show ends. Ultimately I judge show’s like Doomsday Castle and Doomsday Preppers for the entertainment value and my opinion of this show is not made up yet. I will be watching episode 2. Thanks for stopping by and hope to hear your opinion on the next episode.

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