2nd Amendment Suspended In Little Elm Texas

Come and Take It AmericaMurdoch Pizgatti from http://www.dontcomply.com known to many as the father of the Come and Take It Temple! Armed March had a visit from a couple of Little Elm Tx. finest. Murdoch invited them but I’m not sure if it was just what he expected. The story started with the arrest of Msgt. CJ Grisham for conducting a legal act. More specifically carrying a long gun while walking down a back road. For you liberals a long gun is a rifle.

Mr. Pizgatti was paid a visit a couple of day go like I said. They were to talk over Murdoch’s up coming Armed Walk Around Little Elm. You can watch the video of this below. It turns out the two offices did not like the idea of the 2nd Amendment being exercised in their town. What I took away for the video was of a attempt to intimidate Mr. Pizgatti into giving up his right to bear arms in the city of Little Elm. He was told several times that his 2nd Amendment Rights would be suspended (my word not theirs) and he would be arrested for disorderly conduct.

The officer said he was committing a legal act but would be arrested for that legal act (again my words) anyway. This even after Murdoch explained his rifle would be carried in a non threatening manner. The officer stated he would be provoking a incident by walking around town and that it would alarm people. It was explained back that in Texas it is legal and he was just trying to educate people of this fact.

BurqaNow here is one of my concerns. If the reason giving is that citizens might be alarmed by someone committing the legal act of bearing arms and can be arrested for it. then what is to stop them from arresting you for having a backpack. crock pot, pressure cooker, how about a Burqa it might alarm people but I doubt the would even question that and would never arrest someone for it. Now for a rifle you get arrested no questions asked.

If you don’t think this is about the 2nd Amendment and gun control try this sometime. Next time you see someone walking around with a Burqa, briefcase, backpack or maybe even a  stroller ( bombs could be in it ) call in and tell them it alarms you. See if they arrest anyone for it. Of course I am not serious about that just making a point. Just one more thing the officers in the video said they would arrest anyone taking part in this walk even if just for J Walking. Now I don’t know about Little Elm but my town just gives out tickets for J Walking. Sound like a threat to me!

PS this is from Murdoch Pizgatti Facebook: “I had a meeting with Chief Rhodes last Thursday and he assured me his officers have been enlightened. We shouldn’t have any further issue on our open carry walks.”

Even if they have been enlightened we see to much of this kind of thing going on.

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  1. Wow Steve Watched the Video on your site about the Police Officers Telling Murdock that he could not carry a long gun while walking down a back road. The Officers were telling him he could not use his second amendment rights. Are we all going to be living in a Police State? Do the Police think they are above the law? They are Not Above the law that is what is Going Wrong with Our Country even our President thinks he is above the law. The USA is in Big Trouble with things going on like this. I hope that many will check out this Video.

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