1st Ammendment Audit: Another Tyrant Of The HCSO Officer Gaza Illegally Arrest Photographer

Officer Garza Terrorist With A Badge: Another Example Of Harris County Tyranny Out Of Control.

Officer Garza is as corrupt a cop as officer Ybarra both from Harris county sheriffs dept. They have now both arrested photographers for legally videoing from public property. They have both trumped up charges to arrest people just because they felt like it. They are both tyrants and blatantly break the law and piss on the constitution.  But this report is about sheriff deputy Gaza so lets move on.

Bad Cop No Donut

Bad Cop No Donut

This article is about just one of Garza’s contemptuous act of blatant disregard of the law. Texas is not a stop and identify state. To be required to ID you must first be legally arrested. That means you have to be arrested for something else before you can be charged with failure to ID. Failure to ID is a secondary charge. Officer Garza must know this. It is one of the most basic laws a officer must know.

But yet Garza flagrantly and maliciously arrest Phillip (the reporter seen in video below) for failure to ID. This in my opinion makes officer Garza a tyrant and corrupt criminal with a badge. When people say the cops earn the hate Garza is a prime example. He put other officers in danger by promoting the hatred of police around this country. The officers that work with him should demand his removal from the Harris County Sheriff’s office, as should all police in all police departments demand the same of their PD’s.

1st Amendment Audit Harris County Arrest Cameraman

Photography is not a crime and neither is filming the Shell refinery in Deer Park Tx. which is the location of the arrest and Garza’s off duty employment. Shell uses corrupt cops as security knowing they will use their power to enforce Shell policy over the law and constitution. This makes Shell as guilty as the officers.

Shell and the Harris County Sheriffs Dept. should fire both officers and make formal apologies to all involved.

The video is from The Battousai YouTube channel.

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