1st Amendment Auditor Falsely Arrested By Corrupt Boarder Patrol Agent! Agent Tries To Delete Video.

What people are saying:

These aren’t at the border, they are internal checkpoints. I go through them most every week and I haven’t been out of the U.S. in years. Agents here can only detain for ‘brief questioning of the vehicle’s occupants” and “any further detention or search must be based on [the greater showing of] consent or probable cause.” Once a driver indicates that he will not answer questions or consent to extend the detention or a search, then the only real option available to the agents are to quickly check for evidence of crime, such as contraband in plain view, and let him go if no evidence of crime is found. Source: 428 U.S. 543 (1976)

:Clearly, the illiterate one here is you that can’t read the 5th amendment that states clearly that the citizens of this nation do not have to answer questions and have a right to remain silent. We can not be stopped and searched without due process and a warrant issued only after a clear reason of a committed crime has occurred. No crime was committed in this video. He simply refused to answer their questions.

P and P News: The job needs to be done on the border not inland. No one has to answer your stupid questions and no law say’s you do. You said none is above the law but you seem to think you are witch means you are corrupt and should be behind bars.

Victor: What a bunch of Idiots …this guy does not have anything better to do than drive down to Mexico and come back just to pick a fight with the Border Patrol about their Constitutional Rights? Is a yes or no question what is so hard to understand?

Rolo:ย Victor HE IS NOT IN MEXICO! He is 80 miles away from a border. That’s the whole point. Wake your ass up!

Victor: Robo, the only way the officers have of identifying a smuggler or even a terrorist is by his reaction to the procedural questions your job as a Citizen is to not obstruct their investigation. While your being argumentative a smuggler may drive a semi truck loaded with drugs, people or explosives into the Country because you want to look petty!


Abuse of power is at internal Boarder Patrol check points is common.
Internal Boarder Patrol have power to stop and ask citizenship but not to make you answer. You have the right to not answer question.
This incident took place miles inland from Larado Tx. at a internal check point.
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