The Gerber Black LMF II Survival Knife For Your Bug Out Bag

The Gerber Black LMF II Survival Knife For Preppers

Gerber Black LMF II Infantry

The Gerber Black LMF II Survival Knife is made of 12C27 stainless steel which gives it strength and features excellent edge retention, equivalent to a 440A steel. This knife carries a push tang rather than a full tang but it retains excellent structural strength. These folks made this employing a push tang so that the blade might truly be totally insulated from the handle and consequently your hands, this means it is possible to cut an active (electrical) line without getting hurt. This doesn’t suggest you should run out and test it, but at least it is possible to understand their reasoning for not going with a full tang.

The knife is pretty easy to hone and maintains its edge well. The black finish on the knife also seems to be holding up perfectly, hasn’t flaked or chipped away from using it so far. As this survival knife is made with a stainless steel, you will have significantly less concerns about oxidation nonetheless this doesn’t signify you shouldn’t take proper care of your survival knife. The blade itself is in part serrated which makes cutting wire, para-cord etc far simpler. I’m not really a huge fan of putting the serrations on the same side as the regular edge due to the fact it will make sharpening the knife a bit of a irritation. The Black LMF II Survival knife is ten ” long so it is pretty manageable and comfy to utilize.

The particular handle is made from Kraton that is definitely among my favorite handles. It is rubber-like therefore you acquire a quite secure grasp that is comfortable to use for hours with no fatigue. At the end of the handle there’s a steel projection or “skull crusher” butt, that is also insulated from the handle for preventing electrical shocks. This can be used as a hammer device should the desire comes up. In case you haven’t as yet utilized a Kraton handle, this can be a wonderful survival knife to get familiar with them. There are 3 holes on this survival knife (one in the butt and two in the guard) which is often utilized to connect this survival knife to a rod and employ it as a spear. Maybe you won’t have that need unless you are actually in a survival scenario.

The sheath has a integrated sharpener that works well on the regular blade, however won’t do anything to sharpen the serrations. For this you should have something such as a Diamond Rod Sharpener or similar honing tool. You are able to restore the survival knife’s edge with only a handful of strokes from the built in sharpener. The single thing I favor regarding this sheath is that it provides you a lot of mounting choices plus its MOLLE compliant.

Preppers this can be a wonderful survival knife for utility/survival purposes with a very nice price. The Gerber LMF II may be a far more budget friendly knife, than similar higher priced brands and it still maintains a good quality. They also have an LMF II survival knife with a tan handle and stainless steel silver blade however I feel the black LMF II survival knife seems much nicer, apart from that they are the same survival knife.

Gerber Black LMF II Survival Knife For Your Bug Out Bag

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