Schrade SCHF1SM Survival Knife

Schrade Survival Knife For Your Bug Out Bag

Schrade SCHF1SM Survival Knife

This Schrade SCHF1SM survival knife is made from high carbon 1070 steel and also the handle. Here’s a Schrade variation of the Chris Reeve’s Classic Survival Knife. This is a very solid knife nonetheless The handle is hollow so it definitely will by no means be as durable as the survival knife that has a full tang. The most impressive things Schrade performed on this model is get rid of the serrations on the blade. I’m not much keen on serrations along the blade because doing so ends to make the blade weaker and also causes annoyance to sharpen, So great move by Schrade to remove them from this SCHF1 model survival knife. The blade Is 5.6 inches long which Is pleasant to utilize In most choices of tasks. The complete length of this Schrade SCHF1SM Is 10.3 Ins long, So It Is very pleasant to employ but some could possibly look at the handle as being a little along the short side. One thing to consider should you have huge hands. It provides good balance and weighs In at merely 12.5 ounces making It pleasant to work with.

This handle is also built from High Carbon 1070 Steel which I am not a fan of normally. Simply because in real world practice you want to produce a solid grip even when you are working in bad climate scenarios. A metal handle will not likely provide that as effectively as a handle having rubberized grips or a number of the softer plastic grips on the market. There Is A 6 piece bit set that screws in the butt of the handle. This approach comes across as gimmicky to me but I can see how some might like it. If you need a screwdriver, Make use of your multi tool. I don’t usually advocate hollow handle survival knives however if i buy one I would personally fancy them to place practical things In the handle, Definitely not screwdriver bits. Schrade dropped the ball with this one. I may confess the all steel handle and blade appear really nice and for the greater degree it’s comfortable but be cautious employing this knife in damp scenarios.

The Schrade SCHF1SM Survival Knife carries with it an nylon sheath and although I prefer such as a Kydex sheath for its anti-moisture properties, This sheath will do a good job and contains a plastic sleeve inside to stop the Nylon from developing sliced while you position the survival knife in and out of the sheath. This survival knife comes with a nylon cord suspending off the handle. It is advisable to exchange that with something tougher such as Paracord. general I give this knife 4.0 stars for realistic factors like the metal handle’s functionality in real world situations, Even though you might find it averaging 4.5 stars at most locations.

Top Features Of The Schrade SCHF1SM Survival Knife

SAE 1070 High Carbon Steel Blade And Handle
5.6? Blade, 4.7? Handle

Comes with a Screw Driver Multi-tool In Handle
12.5 Ounces
Features Ballistic Nylon Sheath

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