Preppers Here Is The Ka-Bar Full Size Black Survival Knife

The Ka-Bar Full Size Black Survival Knife For Your Bug Out Bag

Ka-Bar Full Size Black Survival Knife

The Ka-Bar Full Size Black Survival Knife has a Clip Point edge that has a 20 degree angle . It is made from 1095 High Carbon Steel that is extremely easy to sharpen as well as harder in comparison with nearly all stainless steels. Because it is not a stainless steel there may require a bit more cleaning on your hands, but nothing substantial, simply keep your blade oiled betwixt uses and when ever storing your survival knife.

This blade length is 7 inches and the entire length of this specific Ka-Bar Survival Knife is 11.75 inches which means this blade will be on the larger side. This knife is perfect for bigger duties for example batonning wood due to the size and weight. It weighs in at .66 lbs which happens to be quite workable for any blade this size. The blade is actually solid enough for a pry bar if you really needed to, however I just don’t propose that you employ this survival knife for prying if you don’t absolutely must.

The handle is Ka-Bar’s Kraton-G which gives a good hold even in muddy or wet scenarios, which happens to be one thing I consider in a survival knife, unless you are going to be deploying it in perfect weather, it becomes an important consideration for proper performance along with safety.

One factor to note is that this survival knife is still produced in the U.S. and most survival knives are no longer made in the USA. It’s good to see anything with great quality still manufactured in the USA as uncommon as it is currently.

The sheath that comes with this Ka-Bar Full Size Survival Knife may not be made in the USA but it does the work as effectively as a sheath can. This sheath is constructed of leather plus it is visually nice but I feel leather sheaths are definitely the worst material they could make sheaths from. If you actually use your knife then it could possibly get damp plus a leather sheath will hold moisture and that is not good for preventing corrosion. I normally purchase the Kydex Sheath as soon as I can get one for a particular knife.

The kydex sheath is much slimmer and offers a person plenty more mounting choices and that is ideal for a knife this huge. And most importantly the Kydex sheath won’t retain water such as a leather or nylon sheath will. All round this really is a wonderful knife if you are looking for one this big, it could be the best survival knife at this size at this selling price.

 Ka-Bar Survival Knife Reviews

Features of the Ka-Bar Full Size Survival Knife

Handle material – Kraton G
Weight – 0.66 lbs, Blade length: 7 inches, Overall Length – 11.75 inches
Steel – 1095 cro-van high carbon steel
Shape – Clip-point, 20 degrees

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