Gerber Siver Trident Survival Knife For Preppers

Gerber Silver Trident 06977 Single Serration Knife For Preppers

Gerber Silver Trident 06977 Single Serration Knife

Preppers this Gerber Trident Survival Knife is probably the best survival knife created by Gerber and it actually rates above a wide range of other knives. I need to own up which I didn’t expect this survival knife to be so amazing. It’s definitely not a knock towards Gerber given that I have lots of Gerber knives, It’s simply that this excellent knife is over the conventional Survival Knife and definitely has a position in my Bug Out Bag. Certainly the cost of this survival knife reflects that awesome aspect. The blade is created from top quality 154CM Stainless Steel. It can certainly be sharpened to razor-sharp and yes it keeps its edge really well. It’s blade is 6.13 ” long which includes a dual serrated edge. So the cutting edge features serrations about half of the length and the top edge of the knife features saw-like serrations that will rip through just about anything. The entire length is 11.13 inches long and the weight and balance on this survival knife truly feel magnificent. It seems light for the size. Often the larger blades can seem to be weighty plus chunky to use. Certainly not this unique survival knife. This blade is definitely on the thicker side so this knife not simply utilizes a premium quality steel, it’s got loads of it. I put this survival knife through some rigorous cutting to test the sharpness along with edge retention therefore it absolutely gets a 9 out of 10 within both groups.

The handle also is magnificent. It happens to be made of something referred to as Hytrel and this distinct handle is molded with 2 different variants of Hytrel. The central heart is rock solid along with the external core is textured and also softer for that ultimate grip. You are able to keep a robust grip with this survival knife in a typhoon. Just as one extra perk the Hytrel handle is definitely resistant against chemicals and UV light. I wish Gerber would create all of their grips similar to this. The Butt of the knife can be employed for a hammer and it also seemed to show no signs of wear in the aftermath of using it like a hammer, but I didn’t test hammering for very long. The one thing I really do not like relating to this knife and its the sole thing, is the hilt protectors. I don’t like how large the hilt guards happen to be. I personally cut my own down to something lots more snug. Certainly I don’t claim that you do this. The hilt protection is there for your safety.

Gerber Trident Survival Knife has rapidly grew to be my personal favorite survival knife, while I do generally choose to lug something a bit smaller. For those who have read some of my articles, you no doubt know that I don’t desire to call any one survival knife the best survival knife, due to the fact “the best” is dependent upon the individual Preppers requirements, thus I think no one survival knife could be known as the best. However I want to state that as individuals get this survival knife, increasingly more of them will likely be labeling this the best survival knife. Definitely, this Bug Out Bag survival knife is great.


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