Buck 119 Unique Bug Out Bag Knife

Buck 119 Special Fixed Blade

Buck 119 BRMaybe one of the most popular and traditional hunting knives of all time is the Buck 119BR Unique Fixed Blade Knife. This repaired blade knife has actually become really popular amongst hunters and deservedly so. Many claim that it is an almost best design, and it was created over 50 years ago!

Buck 119 Blade

The blade design is ideal for detail work, piercing, and cutting. Made from 420HC stainless-steel blade this blade will not rust and it will stand up to many game cuttings without the need to sharpen. The blade measures 6 inches and has a clip point. Clip point are terrific for hunting because the shape enables a really sharp and pointed idea however it does not make the knife far more vulnerable.

Buck 119BR Handle

The Cocobola handle has a classic look that many knives currently being produced have actually lost. Although rubber handles may be good, they pal in contrast to the sentimental sensation you get from making use of a wood handle knife. There are also small grooves for you fingers enabling an even better grip. The handle is also geared up with a polished brass butt and finger guard.


In general, this is a well balanced knife and one that I would suggest to any individual who is looking for a new hunting knife but for the bug out bag it’s not my first pick. There is a reason that this is a timeless knife. It is one that is hard to top. It was created over 50 years ago or so and has not changed a bit ever since. It has a quality brown natural leather sheath to keep the knife safe and on your belt. As the LMF II is for survival, the Buck 119 is to hunting. They both do specifically what is required and do it well. If you already have one of these then by all means you can use it for a survival knife and spend your money on something else important. When your budget has room for a true survival knife then make the step up.

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