Bear Grylls Survival Knife For Your Bug Out Bag

Bear Grylls Survival Series Ultimate Knife

Bear Grylls Survival Knife

What do you get whenever you mix Gerber’s famous knife building experience with the outdoor survival experience of  Bear Grylls? You get a Survival Knife that’s built to give you an advantage in any scenario. The 4.75? drop-point blade is manufactured out of tough high-carbon stainless steel. The back portion of the Bear Grylls Survival Series Knife is serrated, rendering it effortless to saw through branches, rope and bone. This knife boasts a full tang blade to guarantee utmost longevity. The Blade length is 4.75 in additionally, the Overall span is 10 in, and the Weight of the Bear Grylls Survival knife is actually to the heavier aspect at 11.2 oz.

This textured, molded rubber grip offers you a sure hold in whatever circumstance, even if the conditions are wet. The handle features a stainless steel knurled butt cap using a striking surface which can be useful for hammering. This Survival Knife features a modest emergency whistle attached to the lanyard which may be used for signaling distress.

This mildew resistant nylon sheath is light still tough and contains survival functions of its own. The sheath includes a ferrocerium rod which can be useful for creating fires when struck in the striker notch that is built into the rear of the knife’s blade. A diamond knife sharpener is likewise integrated into the sheath to enable you to sharpen your Bear Grylls Survival Knife anyplace. This blade likewise comes with the Bear Grylls pocket survival guide, “Priorities of Survival”. The guide incorporates important and possibly lifesaving details about survival and will fit snugly perfect into a pocket on the back of the sheath. Preppers need a survival knife and this one might be the one for you.

Features of the Bear Grylls Survival Series Ultimate Knife

Sharp, Sturdy Blade along with Full Tang which Handles Tough Survival Tasks.
Ergonomic Style Gives Flexibility and Comfort.
Military-Grade Nylon Sheath with Smart Details.
Is Sold With Striker Rod for Starting a Fire under virtually any situations.
Is sold with Lanyard and emergency whistle

Incorporates Bear Grylls Pocket Survival Guide which fits snugly in sheath pocket

5 thoughts on “Bear Grylls Survival Knife For Your Bug Out Bag

  1. Thanks for this review mate. I own and have used the LMF II as well and that’s a pretty solid knife as well.

    You should try it out and write a detailed review on that one as well

    • I try to do as many reviews as I can but I am on a budget like most people. I was looking at the LMF II a week or 2 and am planning on doing a review soon. The only question now is just how long, long is. Thanks for stopping by and how I have helped.

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