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I don’t have time for everything I like to share with my readers and I like most don’t know everything and don’t pretend I do. So with that said I decided to start a page which I could share other people expertise. I find many projects and article that homesteaders and preppers alike might like and which I don’t know about or just don’t have time for, that is what this page is all about .

I will give a short description of the article or project and then give you a link to find out more. Sometimes it might be a link to a post here at Politics and Preppers in which I have information and or videos that I feel are appropriate other might take you to another website that has the information I wish to share.

Preppers and Homesteaders are not all that different and many time the Prepper becomes a homesteader even if they are not yet aware of it. Hence the name of this page Homesteader Prepper.

How To Build a Top Bar Beehive.

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