Prepper Gun: PT 111 Pro is one of my Choices.

My Review Of The Taurus PT 111 Pro 9mm As My Bug Out Bag Gun

I just purchased the Taurus Millennium PT 111 in 9mm caliber for my bug out gun.  This is the first semi-auto handgun I have ever owned but not the first I have shot. I’ve shot many 1000’s of rounds in both hand gun and rifle and as for the hand gun I have always been partial to the single action revolver. So much so I still feel very comfortable in my ability to defend myself with a SA Pistol.

Now after close to 45 years of shooting I have decided to go with a 9mm semi-auto pistol, just felt the need or maybe just the urge to go Pro. The Taurus Millennium PT 111 Pro that is. I know many of you have heard the trigger pull is looooooong on this Taurus pistol but for a concealed Carry and Bug Out Bag Gun and for the fact its a gun my wife feels comfortable with it was my choice for my first semi-auto. for many readers this gun might fill the bill and for others it might not. I’m not here to tell you to buy a Taurus Pt111 or not to buy one just to tell you my reaction to this gun. I took it out today for the first time but the range was so crowded I really could not evaluate this pistol in depth the way I wanted too.

Taurus Millennium PT 111

Initial reaction to the Taurus Pt 111 Pro

As for the Long really long trigger pull. After the first clip of 12 rounds ( I’m in Texas, sorry California we get 2 more round than you! ) It did not bother me one way or the other. I can see how it might be a problem for some shooter but for me not bad, not good. Some don’t like the safety on the Pt 111 as well again its not an issue withe me although here to I can understand why some might prefer a grip safety over a side lever as one one on this Taurus. I myself might opt for the grip safety on my next pistola. Yes I already have the next bug out gun picked out, just a matter of time and priority for now.

Shooting the Taurus Millennium Pro

Here is the problem I referred to earlier! The range was just to crowded to do the gun justice. I could only shoot from 25yrs off hand and I really prefer a sand bag sitting down for my first few rounds, then adjusting the sites and only then evaluating the accuracy of the weapon. I know this is not the way a lot of the shooters do it but its my way and it has served me well for many years. With that said the gun shot low and to the left straight out of the box. I shot 100 rounds with no problems with the gun and by adjusting the gun up and to the right about 3 in. I got a good group, well within a range I feel good about for self defense in close range which we all know this weapon  was designed for. The 3 in. barrel was not made for accuracy and longer ranges and I did not go into this purchase expecting anything else.

Taurus Pro

I have fairly large hand but liked the way the gun and grips felt. The clip release was not a problem for me as some have had complaints that the release button was in a position that hurt the thumb. I never even felt it while shooting. It might just be my style of grip. It could be a problem for some if they have a grip that might release the clip while shooting. I don’t like the pin for break down and cleaning but I think it will get easier after a few more time.  I will do a couple of videos for the break down and cleaning and review of the Taurus PT 111 Pro and will update my review after getting a little more range time. Just for the heck of it here is a video of me shooting Fast Draw with a Single Action Six Gun. Although we are using wax bullets in this video I can do it with regular rounds as well. I would not suggest you try it that way.  I’m the big guy in the white shirt.

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