Keltec Sub 2000 A Prepper Gun

My reveiw of the Keltec Sub 2000 as a Prepper weapon and the modifcation I did.

Cool Keltec Sub 2000 Part 1 Prepper Gun

Folding Keltec Sub 2000I like the Keltec Sub 2000 and think Preppers will like it as well. This Keltec is a popular gun for your Bug Out Bag, Bugging Out or for general shooting fun. I liked it so much I bought one for myself. It can be used right out of the box or you can add a long line of accessories.  The Sub 2000 folds and it is light, infact it is light enough to add on a laser, light, scope, forgrip ect and still not be to heavy.Decked Out Keltec Sub 2000

If you want a bug out gun and you want to keep it light you might keep it just the way it is right out of the box. If you want a fun gun and this is a fun gun to shoot, then add on add the accessories you want and have at it. The 9mm version is cheap to shoot and easy on the shoulder.  Its not a perfect gun and some simple addons can fix most of them. The perfect gun does not exist but I like this little carbine and plan on keeping it.

I did a video review on the Keltec Sub 2000 and will do more as I add accessories. Stop by from time to time and check on the progress on my Keltec sub 2000 project. I don’t sell the guns and have no affiliation with them so will share the good and bad with you.

Part 2 of the Keltec Sub 2000 A Prepper Gun

I got the Red Lion and Muzzle Compensator in a few day’s ago but just got the time to install it today. The video shows how to install both. It is not hard but you do need to be careful. A few simple tools are needed to install and about $80 plus shipping, shipping is free if you order enough but I have a lot of project going this month. Had to spread the $$ around. Hope to get part 3 done next month.

Part 3 of Cool Keltec Sub 2000 A Prepper Gun

Installing the Red Lion Picatinny on Red Lion Indexing Rail for Keltec Sub 2000. The install is easy and many options on length of picatinnies are available. Note one side of rail needs to be left empty for gun to fold. I have a red and green dot scope mounted from Target Sports Tactical a red laser from UTG along with a front grip from I don’t know. I went with less espensive equipment on this gun figuring its not a long range gun and high end stuff would not be the best choose. I ordered a different sight to compair with this one, which ever one I like the best will end up on this Keltec and the other will end up on my 1022.

Cool Keltec Sub 2000 Part 4 Prepper Gun

Insatalling Red Lion indexing rail with picatinnies on Keltec Sub 2000. First you will need a torques T 24 for the install it does not come with one. The stock front site will need to come off so you will need a new one or upgrade the site with after market site. The rail from Re Lion allows the gun to be folded with laser scope ect installed on gun. Just index the rail 90% and fold. Reminder one side of the rail must be empty to allow gun to fold. Some assembly required but its not hard and it makes the gun cool looking and functional.

Cool Keltec Sub 2000 Part 5 A Prepper Gun

I had a few of my friends asking to see what the Cool Keltec Sub 2000 project. I still have some accessories to add but you can get a good idea of the final project. I added a Target Sports Tactical Red and Green Dot sight. I don’t like it on this gun but have ordered a new scope I think I will like.I do like the UTG Red Laser I added. It is small and cost about $25 I do like the Keltec but it is not a gun I would add high dollar accessories too. The front grip I installed folds back and has a storge compartment in the handle, it also includes 2 side compartments for laser or tactical flash light.The project is not complete so stay tuned for a couple more videos.

Guns For Preppers: Prepper Guns My Way!

This Red Lion Forend stock is for sale. Includes stock, picatinny rails and cover only. click here to go to auction. If you don’t want to bid their is a buy it now option. 


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