Guns For Preppers: Prepper Guns My Way!

Preppers want to know what are the best Prepper Guns ?

Customized Keltec Sub 2000Just what are the best Prepper guns? You might not like my answer but at least it works for me and it might work for you so read on and let me explain just what I mean by Prepper Guns My Way means. By the way I was inspired by a article I read about 4 guns Preppers need and want. I am a huge advocate of being frugal when it comes to Prepping mostly because I had no choice with the budget I had when I started Prepping. It is true that a gun is one of the most important items in a well thought out Prepper plan that is of course it you want to keep your stuff and live. But it is not the most important and can wait until you have food, water, shelter ect. Now lets get to the real point of this post. Many of you already have guns so don’t dwell on getting more unless you are at the point it makes sense in your plan and you wallet. I have several guns that I have had from the time I was a kid. My first Single Six and my first shotgun along with my first Deer rifle. Over the year I have collected several more guns that would work well for Prepper guns but would not be my top picks.

Lets talk about Shotguns for Preppers.

Mossberg 385T makes a good low budget Prepper gun.

If you are like me you have a budget and can’t afford those high dollar shotguns that everyone seems to want and always are on the top 5 list for Prepper guns. This Mossberg 385T was my first Prepper gun not by choice but I had it and it is well made. This one is a 20 gauge which is cheaper to shoot than a 12 gauge and could be used for self-defense and hunting. When you can find them you can get then cheap. My wife can handle this shotgun much easier than my 12 its much lighter.

Remington Wingmaster 870

This Remington Wingmaster 870 may be long and heavy for many to pick it for a Prepper gun but it has knock down power for self-defense and makes a very good hunting gun. It only takes 2 3/4 inch shell so it’s not versatile as far as ammo but it can be modified easily and is not a high priced gun. Finding one used is usually no problem. You could shorten the barrel add a longer tube and paint it flat black but I like the idea of keeping it the way it is and it hunts better with the longer barrel. I have played with the idea of blacking out the stock but the wood is still in such good condition I hate to do it. A can of spray paint can change that quick enough.

Prepper Handguns

Colt Clone in 45 cal.

My first choice for my handgun is my Colt Clone single action. It’s not small its not light but it packs a big punch and I have been shooting one for fun and competition for more years than I like to admit. I like mine in 45 cal which is not cheap to shoot but it can get the job done in one shot easily and that one shot could make the difference. Now I know most if not all of you will not go with my favorite but if you have one you might spend your money elsewhere and come back to this later.These guns can be found but stay away for the Colt brand if you don’t have deep pockets. You can find a lot of clones that are well made but you can find clones not worth a dime. So be careful and buy from a respected dealer. They will help you avoid a mistake.

Taurus Millennium PT 111

A few months ago I decided my budget could handle a new gun so I picked up a Taurus Millennium Pt 111 (9mm) mostly because it was a pistol my wife could handle and my other pistols kicked so much she did not like shooting them. The intimidation just was to much for her to enjoy or feel comfortable with. I also picked up a Keltec Sub 2000 about that time for the same reason. We have been shooting a friends gun of the same make and found it a very quality gun well priced and has a great warranty. Taurus is about half the weight and about a 3rd of the price to shoot. My wife likes the gun that is  a big plus in my books.

Prepper Rifles

Ruger 1022 for Preppers

The Ruger 1022 a favorite among many Preppers and most anyone else that like 22 rifles. This gun and I go way back to my early 20’s. It was not chosen for any reason but its a fun gun. Over time it has proven its reputation for being tough and reliable. I lost track of how many rounds have gone thru this rifle all I can say is many thousands over the last 30 years or so. 22’s are a dirty round so clean it from time to time and it will work well for you for many year. It hunts well, it shoot accurate, you can protect yourself with it and it is not heavy. That is not to say it is light. A brick of 500 22’s goes for about $25 for the cheaper round but you can spend a lot more. I guess I should mention it has a butt load of accessories that you will like and want. Don’t let the extras blow your budget.

Remington 788 243 cal.

My Remington 788 goes back some time as well my early 30’s I used it a lot out in West Texas hunting with friends. I don’t get out to hunt like I used to but as a Prepper guns I like it. The best defense is don’t let them get close. This 243 will getter done. I’m sure it would not be on the top of the list of Prepper guns but this article is about what I do, not what many of the other Preppers do. It is heavy and at my age I hope I never have to pack it far. But my first plan is to stay put. I wish I could give you more reasons to get a rifle like this but it is purely a personnel thing with this one. I’m comfortable with it.

Keltec Sub 2000 9mm

Cool Keltec Sub 2000

The last Prepper rifle is by my definition a true Bug Out Gun. Its light in it original form, it folds so it could be stowed in a BOB, this one is a 9mm which I chose for economy and weight on bullets. This is the Keltec Sub 2000. I purchased this cool Keltec as a Prepper Gun and it works well for that purpose but what I found after taking it out to the range was it is just plan fun. So much fun in fact I had to dress it up and deck it out. Here are the upgrades and modifications for the Keltec Sub 2000. I’m at a loss on how to end this article so let go out with this. Mistakes cost money and can slow your progress down to a crawl. Learn what you can before you buy, set a budget and stick to it.

20 thoughts on “Guns For Preppers: Prepper Guns My Way!

  1. i think you are full of shit you need to know how to read between the lines first a colt 45 over a 9mm is not the right one to pick think about it

    • It is all about being comfortable with the gun. I have shot 1000’s of rounds with this Six Shooter and can put 3 round center mass in 1 second no brag just fact. I don’t think many people can say the same about the hand gun they use. When I get used to Taurus things might be different. By the way do you eat with that filthy mouth. Such language!

    • Hey how about you read the title of the post before you comment. It says HIS WAY.

  2. Many new Preppers get hung Up on guns when hey should be working on other things. Sound like lledslinger is just trying to make a point with how he does it. You know get you thinking! I’ve seen him shoot that 45 in SASS comp and Fast Draw If his go to gun is a single action six I’m not going to argue the point. Hey Mespurfan I don’t think Outlaw was taking lledslinger to task on the whole article just the 45.

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  5. Weapon needs for prepper’s, Slingshot (for food), pellet air rifle (for food and cheap ammo), 22lr (cheap ammo cost), 38/357 pistol revolver(easy to maintain), shotgun and assault rifle (any common cal. req’d.). This will defend and feed you ISHTF!

    • I see nothing wrong with your choices. I would like to find that cheap 22 ammo.Every time I can even find 22 ammo its not cheap! At least compared to a year or so ago.

  6. I heard that 22lr is getting cheaper, I noticed it in Az. and Pellets last forever and fly almost like the 22lr.

    • I’ve heard the same about 22’s but have not seen it here. If you have a pellet gun that you like please share the name and model with use. Myself and a couple of the others have been talking about good pellet guns and are thinking about buying a few of them. Thanks for the comments, feel free to stop by any time.

  7. Yes, I have shot many and familiar with them. I have two rifles, one is a Benjamin pump with iron sights and the other is a Break barrel(piston type, not the spring type) with scope. They are truly accurate and shoot very well. I like the .22 cal pellet which has a little more punch than the .177 cal’s. The break barrel is a little quicker than the pump and it is also more silent. Think, if you were trying to be as quite as possible you would make little noise by breaking(cocking)the barrel vs pumping the Benjamin. They are both very dependable, the ammo is dirt cheap and doesn’t have a shelf life requirement. This rifle is almost approved in all states, and this weapon is great in obtaining food/game(up to a deer in size)and to defend yourself with. This is truly good for Preppers. Hope this info helps some.

    • Thanks for sharing the info. I hard a couple of Benjamin’s back when I was a kid. I can see the benefits of having a pellet gun on hand.

    • I’ve actually been thinking about .22 air rifles. I definitely think they have a lot of potential.

      • I recently purchased a pellet rifle and in fact was sitting down to start a update for this article on what I bought and why. Might even go into the trigger upgrade as well.

  8. Opp’s I forgot to say, my rifles cost around $200.00(the pump new under $200 and the break barrel $220). My old pump is 30yrs. old or maybe older, it still works well. Bought new ones and a ton of pellets. Food forever.

  9. Sure enough, mistakes are costly- not only in buying the wrong guns and accessories, but also in having to get rid of them when you can’t make ends meet.

    My dad was in a pinch a few years back and I offered to buy his bolt action 7mm Mag. We both agreed that it was better for me to buy it from him than for him to sell it at a local gun shop.

    I was in the market for a new hunting rifle anyway and agreed to buy it. It was in perfect shape(definitely a beautiful rifle) and since then, has earned its keep by helping to put meat on the table. But its practicality came into question as I started giving prepping and ammo availability a thought.

    7mm Mag is an expensive round (more so than 30.06 & .308) and isn’t as common. So with this in mind, (and in taking other considerations into account) I’ve found myself having buy another rifle- and essentially build around ammo availability.

    I just started with the purchase of a used, .308 Savage Axis. Although I’m not 100% set on this specific rifle, it gets me started in a better direction. In turn, this leads me to consider making my semi-auto platform a 7.62 x 54 NATO (AR 10).

    Later, I’ll throw in a short barreled 12 gauge, but still keep a 9mm, because 12 gauge and 9mm ammo are very common.

    But the point I’m trying to make is that; no matter how accurate, dependable, user friendly, and hard hitting a firearm is, none of it means a squat if you can’t find or afford ammo for it- either now or after SHTF.

    • I just wanted to correct my previous statement. I’m actually moving over to 7.62 x 51. I can never seen to remember the numbers correctly.

    • Yes getting the wrong weapon can be costly but in your case it was not a mistake, you just were not a Prepper at the time. Now that you are I’m sure you will use your resources and research to buy the best Prepper guns for your needs.

  10. I’ve got to agree with mespurfan when he/she reminds us that the author was writing the article “MY WAY”. You’ve got to be comfortable with the weapon you carry or you won’t use it effectively. A .45 might be just fine for one person but way too much gun for someone else who can handle a 9mm quite well. For example, I DON’T like the feel of a Glock in my hand but a Springfield Arms XDM fits like a glove (in any calibre). A ladyfriend of mine can handle a .223 like Annie Oakley but a .308 or .270 knocks her for a loop, so she is more accurate with the .223. My point is that the gun you are most comfortable with is the one you’ll be most accurate with, and in the end ACCURACY is key

    • I try to us a common senses approach and have found it is a good why and works well. I’m still getting used to my AR which I have neglected. For years I shot a Winchester 94 in 357 cal. and was pretty good with it. I enjoy shooting that gun but the AR is a much better choice and my wife can handle it as well. It does take a lot of range time and ammo to get really good and comfortable with a new gun. It’s a good thing I like to shoot!

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