AR 15 Magazine Upgrade: No More Dip No More Slip.

Upgrading AR 15 Magazines| Magpul Followers and Anti-Slip Grip.

Custom AR 15 Magazines

Custom AR 15 Magazines

I started this upgrade and customizing project of my AR 15 magazines to help with slipping off the mags when my hands got sweaty in this Texas heat. I ended up far from my original idea. I just wanted to take a few of my old metal AR mags and fix the problem of slipping off when handling then with wet hands.

Prepper Gun Project

My original idea was just to add some bed-liner to the mags I knew I couldn’t go all the way up the mag due to the thickness of the bed-liner. Which you probably have figured out wouldn’t allow the mag to feed in and out of the gun. The lner was easy just sand it down, clean it and apply liner. Now you’d think I would have know that I would not have stopped at just that. No I found I didn’t liked the way the end product looked. The bottom was OK but now the top just was not good enough, kind of ugly.

I Love Cerakote.

Custom AR 15 magazine

Custom AR 15 magazine

I tried paint even though I knew it was wrong. Paint is thick and scrapes off easily. I looked and Durakote but as I looking into it, I kept finding Cerakote being touted as a better product. I was convinced it would do the job I needed done and might be the answer to my hope to re-finish one of my old 45 Colt single action pistols (clone).

Cerakote is not easy to work with, the metal has to be sandblasted with a media such as Aluminium Oxide 120 grit. Not cheap it cost me about $90 for the sand, the Cerakot kit I bought was about $60. Then I found my paint gun was just not small enough, that was another $30 . If I did not have a small sandblasting cabinet and a compressor which I bartered for, This whole project just would not have made sense.

I have other projects in mind which in the end makes it worth the investment in time and money. I’m not going into all the details here in this article, I just wanted to share my idea with the readers. Hope you like it.

Fixing The Dip In Your Clip

Magpul Followers for AR 15 Magazine

Magpul Followers for AR 15 Magazine

Oh almost forgot someplace down the line I heard about Magpul Followers that fixed the problem of dipping in AR 15 mags. For a month I tried to find some for sale that had not been marked up 3 and 4 time the price. I finally did for just under $6 for a pack of three. I liked them so much after the first 3 pack, I ordered 4 more packs. For some reason which I do not understand the Yellow ones are harder to get than the Gray ones. The only thing I can think of is people like the Yellow color. The Yellow and the Gray Magpul followers are the same except the color. Go figure!

So Maybe I Got Carried Away!

Yellow and Gray Magpul Followers.

Yellow and Gray Magpul Followers.

If your a Prepper and are looking for a answer to slipping and dipping in your AR 15 Mags this might be the answer. But you don’t have to go as far as I did remember the upper part of your mags don’t have to look good they just have to work. Just ad the Magpul followers and some bedliner.

Photo on the right: Outsides are old style followers. Center are the Yellow and Gray III generation Magpul followers. If you have never tried them you might give them a try. The small investment is well worth the price. Just think about what could happen if your AR jammed at just the wrong time and they are very easy to replace. I had to wait a while to find some in stock at the right price so just have a little patients and you won’t get ripped off by someone. They are just not worth $9 to $15 a pack of three and you will find people trying to sell them at that price.

I found the mag in the video had a dent in the side which made it hangup.
I have some of these AR 15 Magazines for sale but only if you are in the San Antonio Tx. area. I will not ship them so you will have to pick them up. $15 each.

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