Ammo Gone! Reloading Going!

Ammo reloading is on the rise and prices will as well.

Ammo is hard to find! You here it all over to country. I even saw a couple of people at a local gun show charging $80 buck for a brick of .22 LR’s. This is ridiculous and a down right rip-off and refuse to do any purchasing for anyone the charges anything close to that price.

.22 long Rifle Ammo

If you can find them in stores they are going for $22 a brick ( 500 )  at least in my part of the USA.

Now back on topic I like to reload and have had no trouble find reloading supplies, that is until recently. Reloading supplies is going the way of ready made ammo. I have yet to see anyone price gouging in the market place but if its not going on it will be, that is if the ammo shortage keeps up for much longer. I have no reason to think it will end anytime soon.

Ammo Reloading

My hope is that ammo manufacturers will just tell the gov. no to anymore ammo purchases. They have enough. I think more than two billion rounds is way more than they need. Its clear they want to make it hared for use to get ammo. You would think they would know it just drives a ammo buying frenzy. Heres a hint to our so called leader we know what you are up to !

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