Prepper Groups Take Some Attitude Adjustments!

I have found some attitude adjustments necessary for me to work with a group of Preppers.

Emergency Contingency Plan

In working with the Texas SRT group my mind set of lone wolf have had to change a bit. Even going into this group I knew I would have some changes to make but I find some had not crossed my mind.  Now changes can be good or bad and I have found this change from planning for myself and family to group planning has been a very good and needed one.

We have had several meetings which have added miles and fuel costs to my budget but I have taken some new ideas and have found new friend with like minded purpose. I now also know if something happens to me my family will have help. This is all good but now I find myself with deadlines to meet on projects that in the past I did in my own way and my own schedule. At the same time others are facing the same deadlines.

In our last meeting we all took on project that each of use felt we had the knowledge in which we were best suited. We are to have those projects gone in 2 weeks and train the rest of the group. We know have the ability to learn things in a much shorter time and share ideas which would have in the past been much hared and taken a great deal more time.

Just in case you are curious my project is shtf contingency plans. Which is a big step up from planning for my family up to planning for a group.

I plan on sharing more on the topic of forming your own Prepper group with my readers as things develop. Who knows some of you lone wolf  preppers might come to understand as I did, you can’t do it alone and survive shtf long term.

21st Century Disaster from 911 to Japan Tsunami 

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