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New Prepper Group in Texas: I’m All In.

For years I’ve been Prepping on my own for the most part. I have a close friend I work with but that’s it. The last few months I’ve come to realize we can’t do it alone. It was a hard decision but once I made it my friend was all in as well. Come to find out my friend and I had been struggling with the same ideas on this joining a Prepper group. To make a long story short we both are on the same page.

Now that we are on the same page we found ourselves in the middle of a new group and helping to get this group started. Although it is a new group it has ties all over Texas which I hope helps pull in many forms of information and contacts that might help the group grow and organize.

We had a meeting this weekend to meet each other and discuss just what we wanted this group to accomplish. The following is a overview of the meeting. I edited some names just because I did not get permission from the people involved to use their names.

“I thought I would give you all a quick update on how our meeting went Sunday in Bulverde. We had a great tour of Jim place and some fine BBQ and Boracho beans later. In between we had an excellent discussion together about several issues and the possible direction of our new group. Everyone there seemed to really be on the same page, which was refreshing! Here’s a brief summary of what we talked about:

1. Shared Values and Goals – We clearly identified our shared foundation or common ground as being rooted in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Our values are based on Judeo-Christian principles and the original vision of our Founding Fathers for this nation. Our goals are to create a strong group which will provide mutual camaraderie, training and support for us and our families as we continue to face the erosion of our Constitutional Republic and many uncertainties for the future.

2. Group organization/structure – More of a civilian/volunteer based group. No military chain of command or ranks, etc. No central command. Localized, autonomous groups which are loosely affiliated because of shared values and goals. No dues, etc. We all agreed that this would provide a much better environment to attract and recruit better leaders and a much wider group of new members.

3. Teamwork – We talked quite a bit about building trust and solid relationships. More of a team-based or collaborative approach, with everyone contributing their strengths and skills to help others learn and to strengthen the group. We each shared about our strengths and areas of expertise with each other to begin the team-building process.

4. Leadership – Leaders more as coordinators, facilitators, or coaches. All leaders should be selected or voted in by their peers periodically. Making sure that any leaders are qualified, competent and accountable. These and other problems minimized by not having ranks and military structure.
5. Training – We did discuss quite a few topics or possible areas for training, but all agreed that right now we need to really take our time to make sure we form a solid, unified foundation on these core issues. Then we will come back to more brainstorming about training, recruiting, etc.
6. Group Name – This was discussed briefly, and agreed that we would each start thinking about it and brainstorm more later.”
We had set the next meeting but found we had some conflicts in scheduling. .
If anyone in the San Antonio Tx., Schertz Tx., Cibolo Tx., Marion Tx, and other areas located near these would like to join or just get more information you can contact me.
Cibolo Tx. Prepper Group
Schertz Tx. Prepper Group
San Antonio Tx. Prepper Group
Marion Tx. Prepper Group

7 thoughts on “New Teaxs Prepper Group

  1. I’m a San Antonio prepper. Would like to talk to other preppers in my area with the goal of being part of a solid community of like minded people with a plan for survival in case of a doomsday scenario. I currently have three other preppers in my small group but I believe it will take a larger community to ultimately survive and thrive.

    • I agree 3 is not enough. That is why we are starting this group. Would love to meet up just let me know when you have time. I am free most days after 1 PM. Will fill you in on our goals ect.

    • I expected to be moving to the San Antonio area in a couple months. I will be earning good money, and intend to begin stocking up on such as freeze dried food, generator(s), fire extinguishers, guns & ammo, etc. I will be interested in networking with others.


  2. Hi, Texas,

    I kind of envy your sense of community. In my world of successful urban professionals, retired bureaucrats and fond grandparents, I would probably be considered an incorrigible pessimist or lone nutjob, so I mostly keep my misgivings and preparations to myself, except as necessary to seek specialized advice and services.

    It would be nice to have someone to kick these ideas around with. But I do see one advantage to working in isolation.

    It may be that I really am a lone nut job, but from my experience in law and business, as well as a lifelong dark sense of humour, could I throw out some words of caution about “building trust” with likeminded others?

    It would be this: Generally speaking, almost everything you “have” is more valuable to others with you out of the way. It is only what you “can do”–your most obvious, unique, or specialized knowledge and practical skills which make you valuable to keep around when push comes to shove.

    It just struck me that showing off your set-ups to one another could actually be dangerous; whereas building a community based on identifying and developing existing and needed areas of expertise could be very valuable and carry less risk.

    Have you thought about this, and how do you see balancing the risk/benefit?

    • “building a community based on identifying and developing existing and needed areas of expertise could be very valuable and carry less risk.” This is the key to what we are doing. Nothing is perfect but no one can do it all. For years I was pretty much a Lone Wolf. just myself and a very close and trusted friend. As time went on we both realized we could not possibly meet the needs in which we could possibly need in the future. In my opinion we stand a better chance with a group that has the skill needed and we plan on training each other in the skill we as individuals lack.

  3. One of the lastest developements out there is marauders. Preppers that prep by keeping track of other preppers to take their stuff in time of crisis. It will be hard for them to pick on a group. Even if they did get your supplies, a group can help replace things and keep you afloat. To me, friends are our greatest resource.

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