March 2014 Prepper Group Training

Magnesium Fire StarterThe SRT Prepper group we have been putting together has had some difficulty. It is as expected, some want one thing and other want something different. We will have people come and go many times before we get a group that can put it all together. But its not been all bad and I think those of use that keep on working to the ends we are looking for have learned a few things. This March 30th 2014 we had a meeting at the BOL which was for training and building a working relationship. I have to say I was a little disappointed in the turn out. Its seems many that talk the talk won’t walk the walk. Even with the low turnout we had a productive training day. We started with  magnesium fire starters and will go to other methods in future training day’s. One of the guy’s had never started a fire with anything but a lighter or matches and starting a fire with a magnesium fire starter are easy to use once you’ve done it a couple of times.

Next was the moved to emergency water filtration with five gallon buckets. This video is close to what we went over and someday I might do some more videos on many topics like this. I hate doing videos by myself and have not found anyone do do them with as of this date. I also would boil or treat the water that comes out of this filter with chlorine or some other water treatment.

Next was the Rocket Stove made from fire brick. Fire brick is costly and is not required but is a better brick for this stove. We are talking about emergency situations here so use whatever you find or have on hand. This video is what I built for the guy’s . It is a improved version of the rocket stove but the old version will work as well.

We did spend some time a radio communication but it was a question and answer informal kind of thing and I’m not going into it this time. I still have a lot to learn on the topic and until I feel more comfortable or find someone who is I’ just going to wait.

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