SecPro Hard Knuckle Tactical Gloves

SecPro Superior Service Hard Knuckle Tactical Gloves

Hard Knuckle GlovesWhen you have important work to be done, tactical or outdoor situations to be finished, SecPro Superior Service Hard Knuckle Tactical Gloves are on the top of the list. These large gloves are designed to take whatever you have to get your hands on or in, and see you through securely to the end. Your hands are one of the most vital parts of the body, sometimes spending a little more is well worth the money. Go cheap or go with quality your decision could be the difference a full set of fingers 

These gloves are constructed from the highest quality leather products for the most long lasting wear that you can buy. Careful construction safeguards every inch of your hands, while firmly stitched joints develop a multiple-piece design along the length of each finger for maximum convenience. This natural motion allows you to work as though you just weren’t wearing gloves, supplying all the grip and strength that you would get out of quality handiwork.

SecPro Superior gloves are meant for use in severe tactical and outdoor activities. When worn, the hard knuckle design has actually been created particularly to mold to your hands. This permits your hands to take the occasional blow without the risk of breaking your knuckles. The hard knuckle building of the SecPro operational gloves will contort and bend to your knuckles comfortably, while providing the additional protection from operational or work blows that this delicate body part requires.

Complete with a Velcro system at the wrist, these hard knuckle gloves will always fit well and remain in location, even throughout hard to handle functional situations. The slip over design of the wristband permits the top of your hard knuckle gloves to be braced against the lower section. With Velcro straps coming from the bottom to the top on the thumb side of the gloves, the Velcro strap adds a extra layer of security to these leather functional gloves.

The SecPro Superior gloves supply a practical solution to difficult scenarios. The ease of wear and comfortable fit will quickly turn these tactical gloves into your preferred natural leather, hard knuckle pair. Long lasting and rugged, these gloves will take the day-to-day beating of your work while keeping you safe from whatever you may come across.

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