Quick Stove Emergency Cooking Made Easy

The QuickStove a Preppers answer to emergency cooking.

QuickStove Emergency Cook KitI was looking over my emergency cooking plan and supplies. If you have been prepping for long you know how it is, you are always looking back to see if you missed something or just plan want to know if their is a better way. I knew I had several ways to cook in a emergency but I also found I was lacking in one particular area. A small stove for my B.O.B.

I don’t know how this emergency stove thing got by me but it did. Now to the stove. You can find many emergency stove that can be packed in a Bug Out Bag but I went for the Quick Stove no real big reason for it, it just appealed to me. I also found another for my wife’s B.O.B. which I will tell you about later. This article is about the Quick Stove which  comes in several variation.

Waterproof Survival Fuel Disks - Pack of 20The  Cube Stove + 2 Fuel Disks – Reusable, light-weight stove (weighs less than 1 pound). 7 cooking positions. No assembly. Includes 2 fire starters.

Emergency Cook Kit – The QuickStove Emergency Cook Kit is an essential emergency preparedness item. It includes a stainless steel cooking pot, the Cube Stove, two Fuel Disks.

Fire Starter / Fuel Disk – Essential for emergency preparedness. Ideal for wood burning stoves. Convenient for starting a fire and heating or cooking food. Made of cedar. Can be stored indefinitely. I can find several reasons just to have a few of these around even if you don’t have the stove.

Cube Stove + 9 Fuel Disks – Enough to cook 18 meals. This package includes the Cube Stove and 9 Quick Stove Firestarters / Fuel Disks. This is the one I bought. Even if I have to walk to our bug out location this would be more than enough.

3 Month Fuel Supply with Stove – With this bundle, you get the Cube Stove plus 108 Emergency Fuel Disks. This could be the way to go if you don’t have other emergency cooking supplies.

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