Prepper Toys! Are You Guilty?

Guilty as charged! Yes I am guilty of buying what I am calling Prepper Toy’s.

Customized Keltec Sub 2000. Great Prepper weapon!

Customized Keltec Sub 2000. Great Prepper weapon!

Here’s what I mean buy toy’s. If you don’t have ample food, water, shelter and a well defined plan and you are buying other items like guns, ammo radio’s well you get the idea. As I said before I’m guilty and I understand how easy it is to get off track from the important things. Food and water are the most important but just aren’t that fun, at least not for me and from I have seen and heard from others I’m not alone.

Long term food storage is just part of the food aspect. You need seed’s and know how to grow them. That alone can take some time.

Water is not just putting a bunch of water in containers, its knowing how to find and treat water and don’t forget  .

Shelter is not just your home, it’s where to shelter if you are forced out ( bug out ).

This all needs to be organized and if you don’t have a plan you don’t have anything. Or at least you won’t have it long.

I’ve bought gun’s. I’ve bought ammo. I’ve bought portable Ham radios and working on upgrading for better communication coverage to my group.

Heck I’ve even got started on emergency back-up power. You know the type, solar panels, wind turbine’s, generators but after thinking about how much this all cost I have re-evaluated just how much food stores I have and have come to understand I am guilty of buying Prepper toy’s. This all started by advising a couple of member of out SRT group the other day. I made the comment to two of them that they did not need toy’s they needed food and water and should give those priority, This all started me thinking and thus the reason for this post.

Now if you have all those important things by all means go have some fun and buy those cool things but don’t get carried away. Do it with a budget and a plan. Don’t just buy things because you like them, prioritize them by importance and usefulness. Here’s a bit of a side note! The other day I way reading some post on one of the biggest survival forums and one guy actually said use your credit cards and buy all that stuff. Keep in mind he was not joking. He said it and he meant it. This is in my opinion a completely stupid idea. Yes if things fall apart soon it would not matter but if things don’t you could loss it all. Being financially irresponsible is never a good plan and I for one never buy on credit.



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