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SUNFORCE #81095 5 LED Solar Shed LightRemember the last time you got caught in the dark due to a power failure! Lets just say it can be a bit unnerving. You might just call it inconvenient. You flashlight can be helpful but it just won’t fill the bill many times.  Their are time when you need more and some other form of emergency lighting is required. It could just be the task at hand calls for both hands and a flashlight is a bit of a problem at those times. Emergency lighting in the form of a portable solar powered LED light could be just the ticket.

There are many versions of these solar powered light unit on the market. They come in various sizes and some have motion sensors for security purposes.  They also come with varying lighting capability from as few as 5 LED’s on up to sixty. You’ll find most of the solar light on the market with 5 to 10 LED lights are very affordable, in the range of $20 to $25.
One particular one comes to mind the SUNFORCE PRODUCTS 81095 5LED Solar Shed Light. Not that it is anything all that special. it just one of the ones I’ve tried and liked. This light comes with magnets that for easy attachment to metal surfaces and has screw mounts more permanent mounting. While designed for small buildings such as tool sheds the magnets allow for easy mounting to a large number of objects which increases the usability of this light.
Attache it to the underside of you car or truck hood and it will deliver enough light for minor repair work. Cooking can be a pain with little to no light, this little unit can solve the problem just stick it on the refrigerator and get it done. My personnel favorite is on the fishing boat. I can not tell you how many times it has come in handy on night fishing trips. The until has proven it worth by providing enough light to move around a room in the 10′ to 12′ range safely although not the optimal lighting. You will only get a few hours of light out of it before it needs recharging but I have found it is long enough to get most chores done and for that price I have several of them.
The Solar Shed Light is weather resistant but it is not water proof but you can find ways around this fault. A friend of mine simply added a bead of silicone calking around the edges. Say’s it has worked fine this way over his barn door for quit some time now. I heard one comment that the cord could be just a little longer but  suspect even if it was someone would still want it even longer.
If you are a Prepper on a budget this little until might be for you. Even if you are not on a budget you could probably find uses for it. Emergency lighting you just can’t get enough!

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