Bug Out Bag Shelter: Don’t Leave Home Without It

The Bug Out Bag Shelter Is A Prepper Must Have

The Shelter you pack with your Bugout Bag is a critical factor in the survival of you and your family. It is a must have for the serious Prepper even in  areas with less drastic climate changes. For instance rain by its self can cause hypothermia , shelter from the sun can save you from dehydration, well you get the picture. Even if you are in a situation that you plan on going back home in a few day with out a Bug Out Bag shelter you may not survive.

A Bug out situation is difficult at best not make it worse and leave out the Bugout Bag Shelter. Ok I’ve spent enough time  convincing you how important a shelter is lets get on with it.  Their are big tents, little tents, ponchos, tarps, bright colored, camo, dull colored, thermal blankets and the list goes on.

Keep in mind their is a difference in quality for many of the Bug Out shelters and depending on the climate you can expect in your are the quality can make a big difference. I am planning on doing a review on Bug out shelter in the future but am not sure of the time frame I can get it do in. Their is so much to do on survival topics and as they say only 24 hrs in a day. Below I will give you a few Bug Out Bag shelter ideas I have in my Bug Out Bag Contents.

I like the Tent Cot. I use it for hunting and fishing trips when staying outdoors. But I does have a draw back or 2 its a bit on the big side and weights a little more than you might like if you are bugging out on foot and at a distance. I keep one on each 4 wheeler The 4 wheelers are in-case we can’t get out on the roads. They also can be placed in the Bug Out Truck if that is our way out.

I have liter 1 and 2 person tents in the Bugout Bags which I don’t like sleeping on the ground but in a Bug Out situation I can live with it. You can use Hammocks, Tarps, Ponchos and I know this is not the only items that can be used for a Bug Out Bag shelter but it would be a very long article to go through all of them. I’ll just keep it to the most popular for now.

Just a note Camping Hammock have come a long way since I was a kid. The Hammock Sock, Hammock with built in tarps, Hammocks with Mesquito Netting built in. man it is so much more comfortable than when I was young. But back then I did not care as much as I do now with a old body that likes its comforts.

 The Bug Out Bag Shelter Video

The Bug Out Bag Shelter Video Part 2

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