Top Food Storage Errors Preppers Make

Leading 5 Food Storage Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Food Preparations

WHOAKeeping food is among the most important chores for the preparedness lifestyle. It is the most efficient way to help alleviate any catastrophe (both big and small) and most preppers have a considerable quantity of time and resources tied up in their food preps. However, far too typically, novice preppers make essential errors that render their food preps not just inedible, but harmful. When disaster does strike, these preppers will find that their lifeline of saved food is not going to last as long as they anticipated due to the fact that they came down with one of the 5 food storage errors that can efficiently ruin your entire stockpile.

Food storage mistake # 1– Improper Food Storage Containers

Your food containers have to be completely airtight. It will not just get rid of the food smell that can attract rodents and pests, however it will significantly enhance the shelf-life of your preps. Sealed canning jars, sealed 5 gallon containers (with gaskets) and sealed industrial cans are your best option for making your storage containers airtight. Vacuum-sealed bags are technically airtight, however these bags are typically thin (meaning vermin can more easily consume them) so it is a very good idea that if you’re going to utilize vacuum sealed bags to put them into tough plastic containers for double protection.

Some foods, especially things like seasonings, flour and sugar have to be saved in containers that allow no light as to optimize their storage life. This is easily done using additional plastic containers. Anything that is a strong color (nothing clear) will work just great.
If you are product packaging foods yourself, make use of oxygen absorbers to allow no excess air within the containers. The less air a container has in it, the less of a chance that any kind of bacteria will grow or that the food will stale.

Food storage error # 2– Improper Storage Location

Your food storage area should have a stable temperature of 45-70 degrees. Any higher than this and the foods will in fact begin to gradually cook inside their containers. Any lower than this and the cold temperature levels can jeopardize the containers themselves or even start freezing the foods inside them. A steady, regulated temperature level is essential for correct food storage.

The location can not be in direct light. The majority of people currently understand that you cannot store food in direct sunshine. Nevertheless, even modern-day electrical lighting can significantly minimize the shelf-life of your stored foods. If you are storing your food in a basement or some various other open area, it is essential to either keep them stored in containers or to put them in an area that will not receive more than minimal lighting.

The location must be entirely devoid of vermins. Mice, insects and other animals are excellent at finding food, even in a well-kept house. It is an excellent concept to put some kind of rodent traps around the food storage area just to be safe. Furthermore, make sure that the area itself doesn’t smell like food. If it does, you should re-address the containers you are utilizing to store your food preps.

Food storage error # 3– Stockpiling preps without using them

A minimum of as soon as a week, really utilize different food preparations in your routine cooking. Having a big stockpile is terrific, however if most of it is going to expire prior to you use it then it’s not truly serving its purpose. You ought to have a wide range of expiration dates in your preps to prevent them all decaying around the very same time.

See to it your preparations are arranged in something or in some way that makes it simple to make use of a “first in, initially out” system. Keep newer cans in the back, use the oldest things initially.

Keep a little book or clipboard by your storage area. Whenever you use a food prep, make a note of it, utilize this list as a method to restock. Even much better, buy 2 of everything on your list. This is an excellent means to extend your preparations without breaking the bank.

Food storage error # 4– Using “Survival Food” as your primary emergency food source

The pricey freeze dried meals from Wyse or Mountain House are a terrific means to include in your existing stockpile of preparations. Nonetheless, there are by far to many preppers out there that depend only on these as their food stockpile. Not just is this a bad concept merely since of the absence of variety and limited dietary value, but it’s a bad concept due to the fact that for the price of even 30 days’ supply of Mountain House, you can probably build your own rotatable stockpile of stored food that would last 3-4 times as long.

Food storage error # 5– Underestimating your water needs

Water storage is a topic all on its own, nonetheless it is absolutely among the biggest food storage mistakes individuals can make. I have no idea the number of preppers I have actually met that will happily discuss just how much food they have actually pilled up, however when you ask them about their water storage, you learn that they are dismally unprepared. It takes water to cook basically anything. It absolutely takes water to CLEAN anything. When preparing your food preps, take water into consideration. It could even be an excellent idea to store different water particularly for cooking functions different from your drinking water.

Don’t ignore the amount of water it requires to prepare the foods you are buying. For each can, bag or container you put away, remember of the amount of water you will have to prepare and/or tidy up that product. Keep a running tally of just how much cooking/cleaning water you have actually accumulated … if you begin having more food than you have water to prepare it with, put the cash you would have used for food preps into water till you are sure that you have sufficient water to make use of the food preps you currently have. Water is cheap it won’t take much out of your food budget.

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