Mountain House Macaroni and Cheese

Mountain House Macaroni and Cheese Bug Out Bag Food

Mountain House Macaroni and Cheese

This is another quick to prepare Mountain House Freeze Dried Food. Mountain House Macaroni and Cheese can fill up your tummy with complete satisfaction. And with its high calorie level contents, your calorie needs can easily be addressed. This bug out bag food is a really good stuff after a long day of burning serious calories hiking. With Mountain House Macaroni and Cheese, you will finally find the trails a pretty good place to enjoy a hearty and savory meal.

A good dish can indeed be served on the trails with Mountain House Macaroni and Cheese in your backpack. All you need are 2 cups of boiling water and a few minutes to wait before you can enjoy your delicious meal. Just tear a notch off the pouch, remove and discard the oxygen absorber, and fill the boiling water. Stir the contents well and let it sit for about 8 to 9 minutes. After which, your bug out bag food that tastes just like the one you prepared in your home is now ready.

To make this Mountain House Freeze Dried Food tastier, a flavorful sauce is added to the thick, smooth, and tender macaroni noodles. The salt content of Mountain House Macaroni and Cheese is just enough to serve its hydration purposes without compromising the taste. As a bug out bag food, after all, it has to re-hydrate you after a tiring day of hiking.

As with the rest of Mountain House Freeze Dried Food, Mountain House Macaroni and Cheese comes with a long storage life. You can store a supply of them in your home or in your office or in your car. This will assure you of a dependable bug out bag food when an emergency situation arises. Plus the taste is pretty good; you might as well have some of it for your home meal.


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