Mountain House Lasagna With Meat Sauce

Mountain House Lasagna w/Meat Sauce Bug Out Bag Food

Mountain House Lasagna w/Meat Sauce Bug Out Bag food

Mountain House Lasagna w/Meat Sauce Bug Out Bag food

What makes a bug out bag food a perfect choice is not just its long storage life but also its lightweight and compactness. More than that, it should also be a type of food that only needs a very easy and quick preparation. After all, during disasters and emergencies, you will surely not be given a luxury of time and ingredients to cook for your favorite meals. But most of all, it should be pleasant to eat. The most common thing preppers complain about most survival food is their unsavory taste. Thanks to Mountain House Freeze Dried Food such as their Mountain House Lasagna w/Meat, emergency food packs have never tasted this good.

Mountain House Lasagna w/ Meat Sauce is a mixture of beef and lasagna with different kinds of cheese. To add more flavor to this Mountain House Freeze Dried Food, select spices and herbs are added to its tomato-based sauce. Together, they make a very delicious meal away from home. Mountain House Lasagna w/Meat Sauce tastes so good that you would even love to prepare one even on ordinary days.

With a shelf life of 7 years, Mountain House Lasagna w/Meat Sauce is a perfect addition to your bug out bag food list. High in calories, this Mountain House Freeze Dried Food keeps you going all the way in case of bugging out. It does not take away your energy as it is very light and compact. Instead, it provides you with a whole lot of it for you to be able to stay in good condition. Remember that when bugging out the most important thing to maintain is your good shape. It is what brings you to your destination safe and well.

Mountain House Lasagna w/Meat not just provides the calories that you need, it also keeps your taste buds dancing in your every meal. This is simply not your ordinary bug out bag food.

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