Mountain House Chicken Fajita

Mountain House Chicken Fajita Great Bug Out Bag Food

Mountain House Chicken FajitaMountain House Chicken Fajita is a great Bug Out Bag food. If you consider the characteristics of an ideal food pack for your bug out bag, Mountain House Chicken Fajita easily meets all of them. It is very easy and quick to prepare. It is compact and lightweight. It has 7 years shelf life. And it has high protein contents. But on top of these all, Mountain House Chicken Fajita is really delicious. This is no doubt one of the best Mountain House Freeze Dried Food ever offered in the market.

This gluten free BOB bag food is a mixture of chicken strips, green and red bell peppers, black beans, and fire roasted onions. A seasoning is also added to the pouch. To prepare, you simply add a cup of boiling water into the pouch. Let it stand for about 10 minutes, drain excess water, add the seasoning, and your yummy Mountain House Freeze Dried Food is now ready to be served. You can do it all in no time. Mountain House Chicken Fajita makes a really satisfying meal away from home.

You can serve your Mountain House Chicken Fajita any way you want. This B.O.B  bag food can be served with a tortilla. You can also pour it over rice or pasta. You can also it as a filling. Or if you want, you can also enjoy this cooked Mountain House Freeze Dried Food straight out of the pouch.

Mountain House Freeze Dried Food never disappoints you when it comes to your perfect choice of Bug Out Bag Food. Mountain House Chicken Fajita is another proof to it. As much as it is an ideal food for your bug out bag, it is also very flavorful that your taste buds will surely love it. Never forget this food pack to your Bug Out Bag food list.

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