Mountain House Chicken Alfredo

Mountain House Chicken Alfredo Bug Out Bag Food

Mountain House Chicken Alfredo Bug Out Bag Food

What makes a good bug out bag food? First, it should only need a quick and easy preparation. You are not expected to spend much time cooking and you are also not expected to bring with you a lot of ingredients and cooking materials. Second, it should be compact and lightweight. Make sure your food packs do not consume a lot of space and do not wear your energy out. Third, it should have a good shelf life. All of these are easily met by Mountain House Chicken Alfredo, another incredible Mountain House Freeze Dried Food product.

And a big bonus from this bug out bag food to everyone is that it surely makes your taste buds dancing. Mountain House Chicken Alfredo is really yummy. This Mountain House Freeze Dried Food creates a satisfying meal miles away from home. A delicious dish served on the trails. And all you need to serve this tasty dish is 2 cups of boiling water and a few minutes to wait. You can enjoy your meal of Mountain House Chicken Alfredo right out of the pouch.

Mountain House Chicken Alfredo contains a pre-cooked chicken with spinach and pasta in a Parmesan cheese sauce. The flavor and goodness of real chicken is well preserved in every pouch of this Mountain House Freeze Dried Food as it is properly cooked and prepared before being freeze-dried. Combined with quality ingredients, it makes a luscious dish.

No wonder why Preppers, backpackers, and other outdoor enthusiasts do not fail to include in their food list the Mountain House Chicken Alfredo and some more Mountain House Freeze Dried Food. It is also a wise choice as a bug out bag food as it can be stored for at least 7 years from manufacture date. Just make sure to store it unopened in a cool place.


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