Mountain House Breakfast Skillet Wrap

Mountain House Breakfast Skillet Wrap Bug Out Bag Food

Mountain House Skillet WrapWho says you can’t have a nice meal several miles away from civilization? With Mountain House Breakfast Skillet Wrap, another Mountain House Freeze Dried Food, you can have as delicious a meal as a home prepared one. Yes it is a bug out bag food but it really tastes yummy that you would like to have some even in the comfort of your own home. Mountain House Breakfast Skillet Wrap is a perfect choice for your outdoor adventure and as an emergency reserve food for possible disasters.

As a bug out bag food, it is very easy to prepare. Forget the dicing, slicing, washing, and so on. To prepare this Mountain House Freeze Dried Food, all it takes is 1 ½ cups of boiling water, wait for a little while, and everything’s done. Open the pouch, add the boiling water, stir it well, and seal the zip lock at the top of the pouch. Let it stand for about 9 minutes and your delicious Mountain House Breakfast Skillet Wrap can now be served.

You can have your Mountain House Breakfast Skillet Wrap with tortillas or eat it right away from the pouch. It is very easy and quick to prepare yet extremely satisfying as a meal away from home. Plus, it has a load of calories and protein, stuff that you really need to keep you going. It is also compact and lightweight so throwing several pouches into your bug out bag does not consume a lot of space.

Your bug out bag food has never been this delicious. Mountain House Freeze Dried Food is indeed a dependable choice when it comes to quick serving and flavorful dishes. Breakfast Skillet Wrap is another proof to it. Store some of them in your home and in your survival kits. It has a very long shelf life.

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