How To Make Acorn Coffee: No Coffee This Will Do.

How To Make Acorn Coffee

AcornAcorn coffee has been around for years. The recipe for this coffee like drink is a old tradition. In my part of the country Acorns are abundant we have Live Oak trees every place you look,.In the fall you can rake them up by the bushel in no time at all.
Acorns contain a lot of tannin which gives them their coffee like taste but you do need to remove a lot of the tannin. If not your Acorn coffee will have a bitter taste which most people do not enjoy.

Here is a very simple recipe for Acorn coffee that you might want to put away until next fall when Acorns are a dime a dozen, at least in this part of the country. It does not taste one bit like coffee to me but it is a enjoyable drink and nutritious for what I here.I’m big on things that will boost a Preppers moral it time of crisis and when coffee is scarce. This beverage might just be the ticket. How to make Acorn coffee

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