To Bunker or Not To Bunker! That’s The Big Question

Hunker In The Bunker

Below is a question I find being asked more and more. I have dealt with this question for my own purposes and shared my opinion for years with others in my group and groups that I work with. Later in this article I will share my thought and others to help you better understand and fill in some of the question you might have. I also hope some of you will share with use your thoughts as well.

The following was a question put to me.

I have been investigating “bunkers” for usage when the SHTF but have actually viewed differing point of views. Army experts appear to watch Bunkers as a fatal Doomsday trap, a costly over priced coffin, while others appear to see them as the holy grail of survival. It is a large financial investment so I wished to place this out there for conversation.

No! No zombie or Nuk attacks just economic failure and or civil unrest. By the way I am not saying that a Nuk attack is not possible.

My situation is hence: 150+ acres however at this time is uninhabited and should be for years to come.. My plan is to retreat to this place with family members and begin hunting/farming and sit tight up until things calm down. This indicates 2 things: 1) The shelter will be unused until we show up and hence susceptible to sabotage, discovery and looting and 2) Once I settle in I should have the ability to protect our homestead.

In my opinion a bunker makes the most sense. A Bunker deals with the problems included with being vacant as nobody will have the ability to bother my stores and would be safe from just about the most determined attack.

From what I get from the Bunker skeptics, their most significant issue is having the airway jeopardized and/or the doorway obstructed. I intend to counter this with a dummy snorkel and at least 2 genuine snorkels that can be sealed if compromised. These several air ducts will have solitary blast shutoff placed in them to shield from explosives. I also plan on having actually a hidden escape at least 40 feet from the major entry way, perhaps further.

I have likewise considered rigging the weak spots with deterrents that might be activated from within the Bunker to dissipate or disable the vandals and permit us time to run away or retaliate.

Ok that’s the Bunker question. Now here are some thought from my friends.

Reply 1.

I think all of it is dependent on what you are getting ready for. As an example, if you are prepping for an EMP or nuclear explosion where bugging out might be impossible, then bunkering might be a great idea. If you are prepping for the levy of martial, then it’s probably a death trap.

The justification of military veterans that they are coffins is because, in a military framework, they pretty much all are, the way the US military fights.

You’re talking about economic collapse and civil disorder. Long term or temporary? If temporary, you’re probably OK bunkering due to the fact that it will be more effort than its worth. If long term, well, the longer the more practical it becomes to force you out. That, and you have to emerge sometime.

If you want this, I suggest you consider it as an alternative to have. A useful option. Particularly for when tornado and such occur. That on its own may justify a “bunker” of some sort. But bear in mind that you ought to be adaptable to circumstance. Don’t put all your marbles in one bunker, so to speak.

Reply 2.

I know some say being mobile is the best way and it might be but that is hard to do with many family groups. It could put the group into more danger than a bunker. Their is no way to obtain the perfect solution but in fact I do like the Bunker if done right. It still remain one option in many for the well planed Survivalist / Prepper.

I will get more of the replies up as they come in.

If you have any thoughts please use the comment area.


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